Private Sale Car Finance & Loans

Private Sales

Finding a finance company who will provide private sale car finance or a private sale car loan when buying from a used car from a private seller can be challenging - but stratton can help.

We has a wide range of lenders available to our clients, many of whom will accept private sale car finance or a private sale car loan. The exact lenders available to you will depend on where you are located in Australia and the exact private seller vehicle you are buying.

Finance options for private sales

Buying a car privately shouldn't limit your car finance options, and with stratton it doesn't. You can select from our full range of private sale car finance and private sale car loan options, including: commercial hire purchase, chattel mortgage, car leasing, novated lease, secured car loans and personal loans.

This gives you maximum flexibility to select the business car finance or personal car finance option to suit your needs.

Want to find out more, or get an online quote?

You can get an online quote for private sale car finance, car leasing or a car loan - or send us an online enquiry if you'd like more information: