Green car loans for you and the planet.

Green is the new black. Literally. Coal is black. Trees are green. And who prefers coal over trees? No thank you! Whether or not you believe the science, climate change is impacting our environment in ways that aren't exactly positive. Think droughts, melting icebergs, rising sea levels... you know, the kind of stuff that apparently only exists in movies?

Our view is simple, what's the downside to doing better and reducing our impact? Probably a better world for our children, and their children, which sounds like a fairly appealing thing if you ask us.

Let us help you help the planet and your back pocket by comparing green loan options by getting a quote today.

What is a green car?

The current "low emissions standard" is a vehicle that emits 180g/km of CO2 or less as per Australian standards. But the real question is, which cars are the best for the environment? The green vehicle guide is a great reference tool which gives you up to date information on the best in market options as well as most popular by sales.

What are popular green cars in market?

  • Hyundai Ioniq - a zero emissions car that is a great compact city run about with up to 230km range from $45,000.
  • Nissan Leaf - one of the first to market and sold as the world's best selling, the Leaf is a compact second generation zero emission car with a 270km range from $54,000.
  • Audi Q7 e-tron - driven by two electric engines, this 7 seater can not only move the family, but it can move it fast accelerating from 0-100km/h in 5.7 seconds from $84,000.
  • Tesla Model S - arguably the game charger of electric vehicles, with acceleration so fast you might just miss it from $120,000.
  • BMW i8 - if you thought German engineering couldn't get any better, take a look at this ultimate driving machine, pricing yet to be released.

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Common questions about green car loans

A green car loan is a secured car loan that often offers a more competitive interest rate than comparable non-low emission vehicle financing options, rewarding you for helping do your part to lower our environmental impact.

By financing your low emission vehicle with a green car loan to finance your next car you can reduce your overall cash outlay which you may want to use for other purposes (such as taking a holiday!). If you’re a business, a car loan may improve your cash flow, as well as potentially allowing you to claim a tax deduction for the car (check with your accountant for eligibility).

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