Car Dealership Finance & Car Loans

Car Dealership Finance

When buying a new car or used car from a car dealer it can be tempting to use the in-house car dealer finance options provided by the dealership. Be cautious, however, as car dealer finance or a car dealer loan is often an expensive option.

Some car dealerships prey on the perceived convenience of getting your car loan or car finance straight from the same dealer you buy the car from, and charge hefty interest rates in the hope you won't "shop around".

Do your research on car dealer finance

Doing your research can save you thousands of dollars - a car finance broker like stratton can help you find a more competitive option and beat the dealer's car finance or car loan quote.

We do the hard work for you, and compare finance options from over 10 different lenders to tailor the best car finance, car leasing or car loan package for you or your business.

We can provide finance for new and used cars from any dealer in Australia with low interest rates, no fees & fast, same-day approvals.