Ferrari Goes Faster In A Four-Seater

Wed 28 Sep

As the Paris Motor Show gets closer, details about the cars on show are emerging.

The most recent unveiling is the announcement of Ferrari's new hatchback model - the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T.

Set to be formally revealed in Paris on Saturday, the newest model from Ferrari is a four-seater that comes equipped with a front-mounted V8 engine - the first Ferrari to ever do so.

Whilst further details will be revealed at the Motor Show, we do know that with a 600-horsepower engine and increased aerodynamics, there's been nothing lost by including two extra seats.

Ferrari has said that the GTC4 Lusso T has been designed for a younger buyer, who want the fun of driving a sportier car everyday, without having to sacrifice the practicality of a larger interior.

The Paris Motor Show begins Saturday, October 1st.

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