The Original Mini Is Back!

Thu 13 Apr

The world’s favourite small-small car is back with a vengeance.

British design company, David Brown Automotive have announced that they will re-release British classic, the Mini, in limited numbers later this month.

Whilst visually the car will pay homage to days of past, the re-release will feature some very modern features.

The power of the Mini's engine will be increased by 50%, and the interior space and upholstery will be brought into the new millennium with a much needed makeover.

Since the peak of the cars popularity back in the 1960's, Mini's ownership has changed hands to BMW whose Mini's today bare little resemblance to the version that made it a household name more than 50 years ago.

But buyers be warned, there will be nothing 'mini' about the price tag to get your hands on one.

Pricing is expected to start at around $82,000 for the entry model, with an extra $32,000 on top for all the extras.

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