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Why putting the car loan on the mortgage is a BAD idea

Thu 24 Aug

Recently we had a few customers ask us about the merits of using a home equity loan to finance their next car purchase, and so we felt the need to explain a little further why connecting your car financing to your mortgage in any way is a terrible idea.


Car insurance - the right provider for the right driver

Tue 22 Aug

Insurance, that expense that none of like dipping into our pockets for but that we simply can't live without. Whether it's a cracked windscreen from a weekend in the outback or a buckled bumper from your run in with a lamppost; there will come a time when you are oh so glad that you chose the right insurance.


Which fuel type should I choose for my next car?

Wed 16 Aug

Long gone are the days of simply choosing diesel over petrol; these days choosing your fuel type is a much more complex matter. So with that in mind, we decided to take a look at the options there are out there for you and why some are seemingly better than others.


The best scenic drives around Sydney

Mon 14 Aug

Like any city, Sydney has its fair share of rush hour traffic and let's face it, driving bumper to bumper through any city, even one as beautiful as Sydney can get tiresome very quickly. So if you fancy some open road where you can actually roll down the windows, try one of our favourite scenic drives around Sydney.