Customer Testimonials for May, 2015

All testimonials for May, 2015:

Added 31/5/2015

Eva C

I am very much satisfied on all the effort, support and help put in by Jeremy [Taylor] in assisting us in our financing... Read on

Added 29/5/2015

Darren M

I think this is the fourth car finance package arranged through stratton and David [McBride]. ... Read on

Added 28/5/2015

Robert B

We were happy with Nick [McMahon] and the team under the circumstances they did a great job and kept in touch every step... Read on

Added 28/5/2015

James W

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Jed Meddings and the team at stratton. Jed did a fantastic job in... Read on

Added 28/5/2015

Tiffany L

I would just like to let you know that Julie [Yuen] had been fantastic throughout the whole process from finding the most... Read on

Added 28/5/2015

Raymond M

Everything was great, and Matt [Seale] did a fantastic job, great service! ... Read on

Added 27/5/2015

Sanju A

I was very pleased with the level of service provided by Julie [Yuen] and the... Read on

Added 27/5/2015

Justin H

The whole process couldn't have gone better. Mark [Purves] did an amazing job and always kept me up to date every step... Read on

Added 27/5/2015

James L

I was very happy with the service Sam [McWilliams] provided me, he was very professional, speedy and genuine. He has... Read on

Added 26/5/2015

Belinda M

My experience with stratton and in particular Tyson [Seddon] was fantastic from the start. I'm so glad I... Read on

Added 25/5/2015

Amelia K

I've had a wonderful experience with stratton. Candace [Lodding] was absolutely outstanding and I... Read on

Added 25/5/2015

Samuel G

I was extremely happy with the service provided by Banu [Cimen]! She went over and beyond and if I had any questions she always... Read on

Added 25/5/2015

Marc T

Brendan [Zadravec] had been more than superb, goes above and beyond for his clients, makes sure all the details are clear... Read on

Added 25/5/2015

Jordan W

Really happy with everything. Matthew [Brisbane] is very good and efficient at his job. Clearly employee of the month... Read on

Added 22/5/2015

Bennie E

Yet again I had excellent, honest and professional assistance from Caitlin [Kinsella]. As I mentioned previously, she proved herself as a big... Read on

Added 22/5/2015

Kyle I

I just wanted to let you what a pleasure it was dealing with Andrew [Williams]. ... Read on

Added 22/5/2015

Christopher H

In short, I would like to commend the service received from Ryan [Hyde-Smith] he was excellent and will definitely be... Read on

Added 21/5/2015

Brendon A

Service was fantastic as always.... Read on

Added 21/5/2015

Metin I

My experience with Bec [Cimen] was extremely pleasant. She was professional, understanding and accomodating. Bec took the time to... Read on

Added 21/5/2015

Kieran T

I would just like to thank Carole [Leedham] for her everything she has done to help... Read on

Added 20/5/2015

Andrew C

I found the process very easy and straightforward with stratton. I was provided with a range of options, a great... Read on

Added 20/5/2015

Kylie R

Chris [Ball] was fantastic. I have a product that is exactly what I needed and I will be... Read on

Added 20/5/2015

Dean C

My experience with stratton has been exceptional! Tony Gentle and all of the other staff at Sadek Motor Group have... Read on

Added 19/5/2015

Adam V

You guys where awesome. And I'll definetly recommend you guys to everyone I know and hope you can help me out in the future. ... Read on

Added 19/5/2015

Marlon D

Just a quick line to say Suzanne [D'atri] was brilliant and took care of everything I asked for. Thanks again for a job well done... Read on

Added 18/5/2015

Tim D

I've been using another finance company for past 10 years, but the guys at Simply Sports Cars suggested I should give you guys a call and Rita [Dinkha] was fabulous. She... Read on

Added 18/5/2015

David S

Dealing with stratton was incredibly easy, but more so thanks to Hugh [Hall]. He was a great consultant and worked with me... Read on

Added 15/5/2015

Hadi S

Paul [Torony] was great throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommending him and stratton to friends and family... Read on

Added 15/5/2015

Shannon R

Never ever even consider getting rid of him [Peter Best]. He sold finance to a car salesman and he did it professionally, efficiently and... Read on

Added 15/5/2015

Sinan O

Working with Lauren Spark was just perfect. She takes the ease out of it all and make the whole process enjoyable and efficient. I will... Read on

Added 14/5/2015

Maro K

Ben [Alford] was extremely helpful and so quick. I am more than happy with the service.... Read on

Added 14/5/2015

Jeremy L

I'd just like to say that my experience with stratton and especially Arjae [Dela Cruz] was nothing short of excellent. Arjae... Read on

Added 14/5/2015

Tony W

Vinh [Vu] was very helpful.... Read on

Added 13/5/2015

Matt J

As always Tim [Wilson] did an amazing job and I will continue to use Tim's services... Read on

Added 13/5/2015

Ubair J

I was provided brilliant service by James [Khoury]. He was able to appreciate my sense of urgency and was able to fast track... Read on

Added 13/5/2015

Stephen R

Adam [Bosward] was excellent to deal with and he literally organised our finance in half an hour. Everything... Read on

Added 12/5/2015

Warren B

Chris Hanson has been my go to vehicle finance guy, for about eight or ten years, he has always looked after me... Read on

Added 11/5/2015

Tinashe M

After a nightmare dealing with car dealerships, Brett [Stubenrauch] provided me not only brilliant service but peace of mind. I received... Read on

Added 10/5/2015

Mohammad Z

It took only a week for the loan settlement and James [De Ruiter] was really helpful, friendly and prompt in sending me all the relevant... Read on

Added 9/5/2015

Darren J

I would like to thank the team at stratton, especially Lauren Spark. This is the second time dealing with Lauren and... Read on

Added 8/5/2015

Paul A

Really appreciated all your help and professionalism. The process was pain free! I will recommend anyone who needs finance to you Andrew [Williams]... Read on

Added 8/5/2015

Rodney H

Vinh [Vu] is very helpful and very professional at what he does. I am very happy with the service he provides.... Read on

Added 8/5/2015

Brad B

My experience with stratton and in particular, Chris Ball, was fantastic. He was very prompt in replying to emails and kept me informed all through the... Read on

Added 8/5/2015

Lucas D

I am a sales person myself and commend Jed [Meddings] on his effort and he was a pleasure to deal with. There was no [dishonesty] and we got the... Read on

Added 7/5/2015

Franja F

Yes, of course I am happy with everything David Spriggs did for me and I'll share stratton web site with my friends on Facebook. What else to say?... Read on

Added 7/5/2015

Guy B

Thanks again to Tom [Foster] and the guys, they never disappoint. Big hugs for Tom!... Read on

Added 7/5/2015

Tiffany T

I was very happy with the service especially with my finance consultant, Lauren Spark. She was so helpful and made my first experience with finance a breeze. I'll be sure... Read on

Added 6/5/2015

Misel B

I would like to pass feedback about Andrew Williams. Andrew went above and beyond for all the requests I made, and gave me a great price on my finance. I... Read on

Added 6/5/2015

Blake B

I would like to pass on my thanks once again to Scott Woolford. Scott always goes above and beyond to exceed my... Read on

Added 5/5/2015

Terry D

A big thanks to Julie Yuen, Matthew Rogers and Jessie Lewis for all the help they have provided to get my dream... Read on

Added 5/5/2015

Corey N

Thanks, Matthew [Fry] was awesome he went above and beyond.... Read on

Added 5/5/2015

Zohaib Q

Candace [Lodding] was amazing and made everything a breeze just so you know. ... Read on

Added 4/5/2015

Mark V

Jason Donney and Ian Stanley have been wonderful through the whole process. Jason being very ambitious and connecting with his follow up email that got me back to... Read on

Added 2/5/2015

Reza L

I'm really appreciative for the service, I am very happy with stratton team. Thanks, I'd recommend stratton to anyone.... Read on

Added 1/5/2015

John W

My experience with stratton has... Read on

Added 1/5/2015

Jaron B

Andrew [Greer] was extremely professional and attentive to... Read on

Added 1/5/2015

Stuart C

Nick [McMahon] is a good operator. This... Read on

Added 1/5/2015

Claudia S

Lauren [Spark] was extremely helpful! She made the process of buying a new car easy. The customer service I received from her was exceptional. She was courteous and prompt... Read on

Added 24/4/2015

Aimee T

Thanks very much Chris [Hanson] I have really appreciated your assistance and am very pleased with all that you have... Read on

Added 1/4/2015

Billy C

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nick [McMahon]. He was very efficient and... Read on