Customer Testimonials for 2007

Added 24/12/2007

Jason T

I was very happy with the service I received from Stratton.Brad was great to deal with and I believe went out of his way to help me out. Dionne was also great in... Read on

Added 24/12/2007

Sue C

I would like to say that I found Andrew Gibson to be very professional & knowledgeable in all aspects of car finance, particularly as my needs were not straight... Read on

Added 20/12/2007

Gary S

Many thanks for your efforts during the financing of my vehicle.Stephen was fantastic, particularly given the trying circumstances we were confronted with at the... Read on

Added 20/12/2007

Patrick V

Sean did a great job – absolutely painless and he happily answered all my “first timer” questions. If the opportunity comes up to recommend... Read on

Added 17/12/2007

Sarah H

I was very happy with the service I received from Stratton Finance. Brad was very helpful and made the process of committing to my first loan very easy. ... Read on

Added 14/12/2007

Savi M

I was very happy with the service provided to me by Stratton Finance, in particular by Karen Anderson. I was actually referred to Stratton Finance by my boss who... Read on

Added 12/12/2007

Mitchell S

I always like to give someone a wrap when they go above and beyond to help a customer out. As you are aware I was dealing with Nick Angelkovski for the purchase of the new... Read on

Added 12/12/2007

Kel H

Frazer at Stratton was fabulous! I was new to the process of financing a car but he walked me through it, answering all my questions tirelessly. He was also really... Read on

Added 11/12/2007

Moira A

Have always been happy with the service that Chris has provided.That is one of the reason why we keep coming back. He is more than helpful, friendly and... Read on

Added 10/12/2007

Richard S

Rob Jones gave me excellent service and I would highly recommend him thank you.... Read on

Added 5/12/2007

Sarah M

Not having had a CHP loan before I needed alot of guidance & full disclosure of "loop holes" or things that many other brokers, etc., didn't tell us.... Read on

Added 3/12/2007

Paul M

My experience was exceptional. It was Allister Smith that assisted me. I have just referred my girlfriend to Allister as well.... Read on

Added 3/12/2007

David A

Brad was a pleasure to work with and made the process as smooth as practical (and has a great sense of humour which was comforting given I wanted the car quickly and a... Read on

Added 2/12/2007

Shayne C

I was extremely happy with the service from Alan, I was given same day approval, the paperwork was simple and all of the paperwork with the dealer was done prior to me... Read on

Added 30/11/2007

Clare M

Can I just say that I found Rob and Dionne who helped with both the finance and the insurance to be of excellent assistance. Rob took the time to come out... Read on

Added 28/11/2007

Greg O

I was very impressed with Michael as he made the whole process very easy for me. I would definitely use him again.... Read on

Added 28/11/2007

Dot P

My dealings with Mark Purves have been excellent and I would refer others to him.  I also had quite a bit to do with Frank who was extremely helpful and... Read on

Added 27/11/2007

Doug W

Thank-you for the proffesionalism & efficiency displayed by Chris Hanson in answering my initial enquiry and later in the effortless way he was able to put the whole... Read on

Added 27/11/2007

Laurent & Hazel P

I just wanted to thanks Rob Jones for his efficiency in dealing with our car finance. The all process was easy and extremely quick. We are both professional people... Read on

Added 26/11/2007

Vanessa C

I was very happy with the service I received from Stratton Finance, and I know that I was testing your patience at times as I had an extremely busy week (when the finance... Read on

Added 24/11/2007

Michael I

I have now had two finance agreements for cars organised through Stratton Finance and I have been happily surprised at the professionalism and attention to customer... Read on

Added 23/11/2007

Andrew B

Chris was very helpful and I’d recommend him and your service to anyone I know looking of vehicle finance.... Read on

Added 16/11/2007

Matt V

I feel totally obliged to mention the outstanding service I recently received from Stratton and in particular Gerry Giannakis. I actually came across your... Read on

Added 16/11/2007

Daniel C

I found Sean Dodgson extremely helpful whilst searching for a car and also throughout the entire financing process. He was always there to answer any queries I had or... Read on

Added 14/11/2007

Katherine S

Couldn't be happier with the service I received from Gerry. He was friendly, geniune, and always prompt at returning my calls and answering my questions.... Read on

Added 14/11/2007

Danielle W

You have actually reminded me that my husband and I had fully intended on contacting you to say thank you very much for the level of service we received from Nick... Read on

Added 12/11/2007

Nicole B

It has been four weeks since the final negotiations that were required for our finance. My husband, Craig and I are thrilled with our new vehicle. I would sincerely... Read on

Added 12/11/2007

Neil R

I returned to Stratton for finance after deciding to pay out my existing plan to change to another vehicle. I've always found Stratton to be very responsive, and... Read on

Added 12/11/2007

Sharon D

I'm very happy with Nick's responsiveness and you can be proud of his tenacity and professionalism in the way he communicated with me and followed through... Read on

Added 11/11/2007

Viky M

Thank you for the assistance from your company in my purchase of my new vehicle. Gerry Giannakis was the person I was in contact with there and he was absolutely... Read on

Added 11/11/2007

Joanne R

It was a pleasure doing business with you.... Read on

Added 9/11/2007

Aaron G

This was my second vehicle financed through Stratton and once again it was an absolute pleasure. Mark Purves makes the whole process extremely straight forward and goes... Read on

Added 9/11/2007

Elizabeth G

I have found Gerry very knowledgeable and helpful throughout my experience.I decided to go with Stratton as they were more transparent than other companies that I... Read on

Added 1/11/2007

Andrew P

I had been meaning to get in touch with you to say how impressed I was with the way Sean handled the finance for the Audi, he was extremely efficient, providing great... Read on

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