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Hansy Mannil Jul 10, 2023

There are some real benefits to buying a car privately. There’s a good chance you’ll pay a lot less than if you went to a dealer, and you’ll potentially have a few more options to choose from. Having said that, buying your second hand car from a dealership should mean there’s a cooling-off period and statutory warranty (the specifics of this will depend on your state, how many k’s the car has travelled, and a few other factors so do your research!).

When it comes to purchasing a car privately, there are a few other things you should think about before handing over a bank check - or even a holding deposit, for that matter.

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Tips when buying a car privately

First up, make sure there’s no money owing on the car. You can do this by heading to the Australian Government’s Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) website. All you need is the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and to pay $2 and it’ll come back letting you know if the current owner still owes money on it. Sure, you’re out of pocket $2, but if the owner isn’t telling the truth and sells you the car when it’s not debt-free it can be repossessed even after you’ve bought it - $2 well spent, we reckon.

[FACT: as a part of our service, we do this for you!]

You should also check the seller’s driver’s license against the registration papers to make sure it isn’t stolen. This sounds a little far-fetched, but it happens - so better to be safe than sorry. While you’re at it, make sure the VIN, engine number and manufacturing date on the car match to the rego papers, too.

[FACT: as a part of our service, we do this for you to!]

And unless you or someone you know well is a qualified mechanic who can run a professional eye over the vehicle, it’s always worth getting a mechanical inspection. If you’re financing your private car purchase, the lender will actually require a finance inspection to be done - more on this in a moment.

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Each state differs regarding the requirements of selling and buying a car privately, so be sure to give your state’s guidelines a read and be fully informed before taking the plunge - it could save your bacon down the line:


Financing your private car purchase?

If you’re looking to finance your private car purchase, because the vehicle itself is security for the loan it will need to be inspected. The good news is there are a few ways of doing this, and doing so  essentially ticks off everything we covered in the ‘Tips when buying a car privately’ section. That is:

  • PPSR checks
  • Registration checks
  • Compliance plates
  • Confirmation it’s not stolen/hasn’t been written off
  • Abnormalities with odometer reading
  • Photos of the car

As you can see, this takes a LOT of hassle out of buying a car privately. Essentially, you just need to find the right car for you and all the necessary checks are taken care of.


Stress-free financing when you buy your second hand car

Choosing Stratton Finance when buying a car privately means you’ll also get all these checks and balances sorted. We can help you organise an inspection either by RedBook Inspect (absolutely free of charge) or via the latest inspection technology Verimoto. And because of our unmatched network of lenders, we can offer you some of the best finance rates out there.

Get an instant online quote to finance a private car sale today. If you’d like more information about financing a private car purchase, call us on 1300 787 288. We’re always here to help make your financing experience as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

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