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So, you’ve found the perfect used car, and it’s within your budget range (hopefully you’ve even been pre-approved). You’ve taken it for a test drive, kicked all four wheels, and planned your first road trip. Now all that’s left is to hand over some cash and...organise your mechanical vehicle inspection. That’s right, unless you’re buying a brand new car from the showroom, you’re going to want to arrange a proper vehicle inspection.

Unfortunately, while cars have certainly improved over the years, how their owners drive and take care of them may not have. This is why it’s essential that you have any used car inspected by a qualified professional before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

So what does a vehicle inspection involve?

A mechanical inspection generally includes checks on the engine, interior, exterior, tyres, wheels, and brakes to make sure all are in perfect working condition. The inspector will also confirm that there is a spare key, make sure that the car hasn’t been in any recent accidents, take it for a road test, and check the logbook.

Once finished, they’ll let you know if there are any issues with the car, but it’s important to note that this is the vehicle inspector’s only responsibility. They usually won’t advise you on the value of the car or whether you should buy it or not.

The benefits of a mechanical vehicle inspection

It could save you cash

For some people handing over a few hundred dollars just to have someone tell you that the car is in perfect condition seems like a complete waste of money. But a few hundred dollars is always better than ending up with a lemon.

A proper inspection has the potential for immediate cash savings. And how is that? Well, just because the clutch is about to go or the brakes will need replacing in a few hundred kms is no reason for you to back out of a sale. But it’s the perfect reason to negotiate a better price with the seller. When negotiating a price, knowledge is power, and knowing everything about the car before you start talking money gives you a huge advantage.

It could save you hassle

Crashed cars that have been repaired well are hard to spot, but often such damage can result in mechanical or even structural problems later down the line. A trained inspector knows the tell-tale signs to watch out for saving you a lot of heartache and money in the future.

They will also be able to tell you about typical issues that may arise with a particular model. Say for example, that this car tends to suffer electrical faults and is already showing symptoms of such issues.

It could save your life

Being saddled with a lemon that needs constant repairs would be bad enough but what if you pick up a used car that’s actually dangerous? Cars in Australia go through safety tests for a reason, to keep you and your passengers in one piece. But if your new (used) car has some safety issues that you don’t know about, taking it out on the road could be life-threatening.

Only a professional can spot any potentially dangerous safety issues and when it comes to your safety we don’t want you taking any chances!

It will give you peace of mind

When you buy a used car there’s always that period of time, when you’re just waiting for something to go wrong. Every squeak, wobble, or strange noise could be a mechanical disaster in the making, and it does your heart no good at all. In fact, you can’t really relax until you’re sure it’s not a lemon.

Have it fully inspected and you’ll find that you can relax and enjoy your new ride as soon as you take it out on the road. You’ll know that you didn’t pay over the odds for it, that you probably won’t have any trouble with it for a while at least, and most importantly that it’s safe. And if that doesn’t make a vehicle inspection worth shelling out for then we don’t know what does.

But you know what? A vehicle inspection doesn’t actually have to cost you too much money at all. If you’re one of our customers here at Stratton, you can sign up for RedBook’s vehicle inspection service for only $150. That’s a hundred-dollar discount off the original price of $250. Small change for a safe car and peace of mind.

Not a Stratton customer yet? Then take a look at how we can help you arrange finance for a used car bought from a private seller. Yes, that’s right, while a lot of lenders and brokers won’t finance a car that you buy from a private seller, here at Stratton we’ve got you covered. So give us a call today on 1300 787 288, and maybe you can take advantage of that incredible RedBook offer.

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