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Terms and conditions schedule


Sales Incentive




The promoter is Stratton Finance Pty Ltd of 1/435 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne VIC 3207 (ABN 63 070 636 903)

(the “Promoter”).


(the “website”).


The promotion contest will open 9:30AM AEST on Sunday 1 April, 2018 and will close at 4:00PM AEST on Saturday 30 June, 2018.


During the Registration Period, entrants will need refer finance leads to Stratton Finance. The 3 sale people with the highest amount of referrals in the promotion period win the prize.




The referral tally will be finalised at 10.00am AEST on Monday 9 July, 2018 at Stratton Finance Pty Ltd of 878 Springvale Road, Braeside, VIC 3195.


There will be three (3) prize.

Prize subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the Prize provider.


The prize will consist of three (3) of the following:

$1,500 Travel Vouchers

Total Maximum value of Prize: $4,500

The Prize is not transferrable and not redeemable for cash.




The prize is not transferable and is not redeemable for cash.

No alterations or upgrades can be made to the Major Prize. Major Prize cannot be redeemed for cash or any other goods and services, and cannot be traded for an alternative make and/or model.

All decisions are at the discretion of the “promoter” and no correspondence will be entered into in this regard.


To contact the promoter of the competition, please call Stratton Finance on 1300 955 600

Promotion Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

  • By submitting an entry (referrals) into this Promotion, entrants warrant that they have read, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions Schedule.
  • To the extent that there is any inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions Schedule and the Terms and Conditions the Terms and Conditions Schedule will prevail.
  • These terms and conditions can be downloaded from the website/s listed in Item 4: Website.

2. Duration

  • Entry into this Promotion will occur in accordance with Item 5: Promotion Registration Dates and Times

3. Eligibility

  • Employees and the immediate families of the Promoter and its related bodies corporate are ineligible to enter. Employees and the immediate families of all associated sponsors and participating companies are also ineligible to enter.
  • Entrants warrant that they are entering this Promotion in a wholly private nature and are not entering on behalf of a business or enterprise activity they are involved in.

4. Method of entry

  • Entrants may enter this Promotion in accordance with Item 6: Method of Entry. Those entrants who have not complied with Item 6: Method of Entry will be disqualified.
  • Illegible, incomplete, incomprehensible or late entries (whichever is applicable) will not be eligible and will be disqualified. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any entry which in the opinion of the Promoter includes any content which may be unlawful, profane, inflammatory, defamatory and/or damaging to the goodwill or reputation of the Promoter.
  • Any person who is discovered to have used or attempted to use more than one name in entering the Promotion will be disqualified from participating in the Promotion and/or redeeming a prize.
  • Unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions, no person may enter this Promotion more than once and persons may not enter or participate in it on behalf of any third party.
  • All entrants acknowledge that the Promoter may rely on clauses 4.3 and 4.4 even after the Promoter has awarded or appeared to have awarded the prize to a person or after a person is announced as the prize winner. The Promoter reserves its rights to require return of the prize or payment of its value to the Promoter if this occurs.
  • Should an entrant’s contact details change during the Promotion Period, it is the entrant’s responsibility to notify the Promoter. A request to access or modify any information provided in an entry should be directed to the Promoter.

5. Prizes(s)

  • All prizes are awarded in accordance with Item 9: Prize Details.
  • All prize values are the recommended retail value as provided by the supplier, are in Australian dollars and are correct at the time of printing. The Promoter takes no responsibility for variations in the prize value.

6. Prize conditions

  • The Promoter does not warrant the merchantability, suitability and/or fitness for purpose of any goods and/or services awarded as a prize.
  • All prizes are subject to availability, non transferable and non exchangeable, must be used on any dates specified in these terms and conditions, by the Promoter and/or the prize provider and are not redeemable for cash unless cash is specified. Specifically, prizes may not be valid during school holidays or other peak times designated by the prize supplier.
  • If a prize winner does not take any element of a prize at the time stipulated by the Promoter then that element of the prize will be forfeited by the winner and cash will not be awarded in lieu of that prize or any part of it.
  • It will be each winner’s and (if applicable) their accompanying guest’s responsibility to take out all relevant insurance (including but not limited to travel insurance) which may be required or prudent to be taken (at their own cost).
  • The Promoter reserves the right to exclude any persons from the Promotion on the ground of their medical condition or history, for the safety of the Promoter’s staff members or others or for any other reason, for example bringing the Promoter’s brand into disrepute. The Promoter also reserves the right to disqualify contestants if:
  • a contestant at any stage engages in, causes or incites physical violence (e.g. punching, slapping), inappropriate, illegal, unsociable or unsafe behaviour; and/or
  • the safety of any of the Promoter’s staff member is compromised.
  • The Promoter will not award the prize if the Promotion is terminated for whatever reason.

7. Notifications

  • All prize winner(s) will be notified either:
  • by telephone; or
  • by email.

8. Prize collection

  • Prize winners will be required to collect their prize from the Promoter unless otherwise informed by the Promoter at the time of winning. The Promoter reserves the right to request winners to provide proof of identity, proof of residency and/or proof of entry validity (for example, a phone bill or store receipt for purchase requirement) in order to claim a prize. Proof of identity, residency and/or entry validity considered suitable for verification is at the Promoter’s discretion. In the event that a winner cannot provide suitable proof, the winner will forfeit the prize in whole and no substitute will be offered.
  • All prize winners must sign these terms and conditions in a form prescribed by the Promoter in order to receive their prize.
  • Entrants proposing to redeem prizes involving or participate in the Promotion where it involves travel, stunts or challenges may, at the absolute discretion of the Promoter, first be required to:
  • submit to a medical examination by a medical practitioner approved by the Promoter and obtain relevant medical clearance to participate in the Promotion and/or redeem the prize; and/or
  • execute a Deed of Release and Indemnity in a form prescribed by the Promoter in order to participate further in the Promotion and/or redeem the prize.

9. Prize availability

  • The Promoter will not be responsible or liable if for any reason beyond their reasonable control any element of any prize is not provided. The Promoter may, subject to State regulations, substitute a different prize of equivalent value in place of any prize referred to in these terms and conditions.
  • The Promoter will not be responsible for any changes in times or dates, or cancellations or rescheduling of events that may prevent the prize winner from redeeming the prize or any part of it.

10. Taxes

  • Any tax payable as a result of a prize being awarded or received will be the responsibility of the winner. Winners should seek independent financial advice prior to accepting a prize if this is a concern.

11. Unclaimed prizs

  • Prizes unclaimed after a period of three (3) months will be forfeited subject to State regulations.

12. Publicity materials

  • It is a condition of entry that the Promoter has the right to publicise, broadcast and communicate to the public the names, characters, likenesses or voices of any entrants for any promotion or matter incidental to the Promotion.
  • Entrants consent to their entry being read out on air and/or to their telephone and other conversations with the Promoter being broadcast on air and communicate to the public on the website/s.
  • Entrants may be required by the Promoter to participate in photo, recording, video and/or film session(s) (the “publicity materials”) and acknowledge that the Promoter has the right to use such publicity materials in any medium (including, without limitation, the internet) and in any reasonable manner it sees fit, unless that person advises the Promoter at the time of entering the Promotion that he/she wishes to retain his/her anonymity.
  • Entrants also acknowledge that the publicity materials may be provided to the prize provider for the purposes of promotional display.

13. Copyright

  • By entering this Promotion all entrants:
  • assign to the Promoter all rights including present and future copyright in their entry and the publicity materials in all media (including, without limitation, the internet) and whether in existence now or created in the future;
  • agree not to assert any moral rights in respect of their entry and the publicity materials (wherever and whenever such rights are recognised) against the Promoter, its assigns, licensees and successors in title; and
  • undertake to the Promoter that their entry is not in breach of any third party intellectual property rights.

14. Release and indemnity 

  • To the extent permitted by law, all entrants release from, and indemnify the Promoter against all liability, cost, loss or expense arising out of acceptance of any prize(s) or participation in the Promotion including (but not limited to) loss of income, loss of opportunity, personal injury and damage to property, whether direct or consequential, foreseeable, due to some negligent act or omission or otherwise.

15. Tampering and other matters

  • If for any reason this Promotion is not capable of running as planned as a result of any (including but not limited to) technical failures, unauthorised intervention, computer virus, mobile phone failure, tampering, fraud or any other causes beyond the control of the Promoter which corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Promotion, the Promoter reserves the right (subject to State regulations) to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Promotion and/or any draw/s or judging related to the Promotion and/or to disqualify any individual who (whether directly or indirectly) causes the same.
  • The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any late, lost or misdirected entries including but not limited to electronic messages not received by the Promoter due to technical disruptions, network congestion or any other reason. The use of any automated entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that permits any person to enter the Promotion repeatedly is prohibited.

16. Leave for participation

  • Obtaining time off work and/or study or related activities to participate in the Promotion and/or a prize will be the sole and absolute responsibility of each contestant.

17. Exclusion of participants 

  • The Promoter reserves the right to exclude any person from participating in the Promotion or a prize for any reason (including but not limited to) that person’s medical condition or history, the preservation of the safety of the Promoter’s staff members or any other person or because the Promoter deems that the behaviour of a person may bring the Promoter’s brand into disrepute.

18. Minors 

  • If the prize winner is under the age of 18 years these terms and conditions must be signed by the prize winner’s parent or legal guardian before the prize is awarded and the prize may at the absolute discretion of the Promoter be awarded to the prize winner’s parent or legal guardian.
  • If the winner of a holiday prize is under the age of 18 years, that winner must nominate a parent or legal guardian as their accompanying traveller for the trip. The winner and their accompanying traveller must not engage in any illegal or unsafe behaviour whilst travelling.
  • Where these terms and conditions require a participant to sign a Deed of Release before participating in the Promotion and/or redeeming a prize and the contestant and/or winner is under the age of 18 years, such Deed of Release and Indemnity must be signed by that person’s parent or legal guardian prior to their participation in the Promotion and/or the prize being awarded.

19. Termination of promotion

  • The Promoter may (subject to State Regulations) vary the terms of, or terminate, this Promotion at any time at its absolute discretion without liability to any contestant or other person. The Promoter will not award the prize if the Promotion is terminated.

20. Decisions final

  • All decisions and actions of the Promoter relating to the Promotion and/or redemption of the prizes are exercised accordingly at its absolute discretion and are final. No discussions or correspondence with entrants or any other person will be entered into.

21. Failure to enforce terms and conditions

  • A failure by the Promoter to enforce any one of these terms and conditions in any instance(s) will not give rise to any claim or right of action by any other person or contestant.

22. Personal information and privacy

  • The personal information supplied by entrants when entering this Promotion will be used by the Promoter in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Please refer to the Privacy Policy by visiting the website for more information as entry in this Promotion is an agreement to be bound by that policy. All entrants may have their details removed from the Promoter’s database by simply contacting the Promoter or by sending an email to the Promoter on the contact details as set out in Item 15: Promoters Contact Details. If details are removed prior to the conclusion of the Promotion and/or award of prize(s), entrants will forfeit their right to claim any prizes.

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