Hansy Mannil Jul 10, 2023

Why you should use a finance broker when buying your next car

When faced with deciding how to buy that next car, many people simply take whatever financing “deal” the car dealer gives them, tack it on their mortgage or they give up because it’s all a “bit too hard!”. But a finance broker can provide you with an alternative and has the ability to help you in these situations – and many more.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should use a finance broker when buying your next car .

You can save (quite a lot of) time and money

First and foremost, as they typically have great relationships with so many different financiers, finance brokers often have access to interest rates you may struggle to find elsewhere. When you can get a good interest rate, it will save you money on your monthly repayment and over the life of the loan. Put simply, a broker’s connections can potentially net you significant savings.

And because your broker is your only port of call, you don’t need to waste time running around speaking with different financiers. They’ll do all the legwork for you.

Your financing option will be tailored specifically for you

When you speak with a finance broker, they’ll ask questions to help them explore the right deal for you. Finance brokers are working for you – not the financier – so you can rest assured the financing options they show you are most suited to your needs. You might be surprised to learn how many different products and features are available when financing a car, so it’s good to have an impartial advocate on your side.

You’ll have a better chance of getting approved

Different financiers have different credit requirements, and as financiers tighten these requirements, a finance broker can work with you to determine which options are most suited to you and your needs. Understanding the credit policies and qualification criteria of various lenders can be difficult for someone not spending all their time working with this subject matter, but a finance broker does! This means you’ll be put in the best possible position to get approval.

Expert advice at your fingertips

Whatever questions you might have, a good finance broker will be happy to provide the answers. They know for those of us without much experience with financing, things can be quite complex, and will be able to offer simplified explanations whenever you need them.

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