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Chris Reid Jul 10, 2023

Coronavirus sucks. Big time. For a LOT of reasons, too.

But like a flower blooming at the hint of spring’s first warm breath, life is slowly opening back up and returning to normal. Which is why if you’ve been thinking about buying a new car, you need to do it as soon as humanly possible.


Why it’s the perfect time to get a new car


Dealerships, like most other businesses, will have monthly and (financial) yearly sales targets they need to hit (and will often get bonuses if they do). So if you get the timing right and all your ducks line up in a row, you may be presented with the opportunity to negotiate a price that’s lower than they would normally go.

Unfortunately for car dealerships, buying a new car didn’t fall under the ‘essential’ list of activities we’ve been allowed to leave the house for. Fortunately for us, this means they’re more than likely chomping at the bit to make sales. You’ll likely see lots of buying incentives that have been introduced in the last month or two to entice prospective buyers - if you’re in the market anyway these are essentially freebies!

If you’d prefer to forego all the legwork involved when buying a car though, our partners at carconnect will gladly sort out everything for you. All you have to do is let them know the make, model and any options/accessories you want and they’ll do all the back-and-forthing with dealers to find you the best price. Then, after you’ve approved the price you can sit back and relax until your doorbell rings and your new car is parked right outside. Yep, they’ll even deliver it directly to you!


Don’t fall for dealership financing ‘deals’


There are some nice incentives being offered, one being better dealer finance ‘deals’. We put deals in quotation marks because more often than not, no matter how good dealer finance looks at face value, once you read the fine print you’ll find it’s anything but.

For example, you may find that they’re offering ‘0% interest’ or something close to it, and while on the surface it’s most certainly an amazing deal, it’s limited to, say, the first 6 months, after which time it skyrockets to something ridiculous.

Avoid being taken to the cleaners and speak with the team at Stratton Finance. We have over 20 years’ experience helping Aussies secure car finance at interest rates lower than the big 4 banks.


Chat with us today and get into your new car sooner


We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with how low your monthly repayments could be - find out an estimate right now using our car finance calculator. And when you’re ready to take the next step, you can apply for finance in as little as 5 minutes!

Since we opened our doors more than two decades ago, we’ve built up an extensive network of lenders we can tap into that offer a range of financing options. So whatever your circumstances, we’re here to work with you and find the perfect solution for you to get you into a new car faster than you can say ‘Stratton Finance’s customer reviews speak for themselves’.

For any questions you may have or if you’d like a little bit more information about how it all works, feel free to call us on 1300 787 288 for a chat. You can also send us an online enquiry which we’ll respond to quickly.

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