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Chris Reid Jul 3, 2023

The end of the financial year (EOFY) is a prime time to secure a fantastic deal on a new car. This is because dealerships are eager to make sales and reach their annual targets to unlock perks like bonuses. Therefore, they may be more willing to negotiate and offer a great deal.

Also, if you're a business owner, there's even more reason to take advantage of this opportunity. Your business may be eligible for temporary full expensing, which means now is the perfect time to explore your options and maximise your tax benefits.

So don't hesitate to do your research and find the best deal that suits your needs and budget.


5 ways to get the best EOFY car deal

Before making a big purchase like a car, it's crucial to be well-informed to ensure you're not overpaying. While the car buying process can seem overwhelming, it's about doing your homework and being prepared. So take your time and remember that you’re in control. Be upfront and direct about your intentions when negotiating with dealerships and by being well-prepared, you'll be in a better position to score a great deal on your new car. Take advantage by:

1. Doing your homework

This includes everything from learning as much as you can about the make and model you want as well as the different trim levels and their accompanying prices) to finding out all of the other dealerships where it’s available in your surrounding areas and more. As they say, knowledge is power!


2. Shopping around

Doing a preliminary call-around before even stepping one foot into a dealership requesting their best sale prices for the same vehicle can give you an indication of how much they’re willing to ‘play ball’ when you do go there in person.


3. Being direct

Instead of dancing around the fact that you are indeed a serious buyer, get straight to the point and explain to them exactly that. You are there with every intention to buy a car, provided they can offer you the right price.


4. Asking for extras

Don’t really mind about the colour or trim level of the model you’re looking for? Dealers will usually try and get rid of the lesser-performing options, and if you’re happy to consider one you’ll not only be able to negotiate a better price, but also may be able to successfully request added extras like tinting, floor mats and extended warranty.


5. Getting finance pre-approval

If you go into a dealership and you’ve already got your car finance sorted out, this is advantageous for a couple of reasons. First, they know very well that you’re a serious buyer and will treat you as such. Second, they won’t hassle you about the dealer financing they have available.


Secure the best car financing deal with Stratton Finance

Now you’re fully across how to find yourself an amazing EOFY car deal, it’s time to think about doing the same with your financing!

Luckily, your search can start and stop right here. With more than two decades of car financing experience, you can bet we’ve got the expertise to find you a sensational deal that suits your needs perfectly. Our vast network of lenders provides us with access to thousands of car financing packages, and we’ll go through each and every one to make sure you see only the best outcome.

Use our financing calculator to learn how great your monthly repayments could be and apply online in under 5 minutes.

Got a question for us or need a hand with the application process? We’d be more than happy to help - call us now on 1300 787 288 or message us online.

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