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You know that thing you want?

Now you've decided you want it, you want it immediately. Right?

You can't have it.

Introducing: Can't have it face...

Can't have it face

You've been from dealer to dealer. You've found your perfect car. In stock. Right colour. All the features. The dealer's pencil couldn't be sharper – you've got a great deal. Let's do this.

"There appears to be an issue with your finance."

Getting pre-approved on finance doesn't mean you have to go through with the loan; it simply means you can avoid any unpleasant surprises when you're ready to buy your perfect car.

The end of year plate clearance sales are here (if you haven't seen the ads yet, you will soon).

It's a great time to get a deal on a 2015 plated car. Dealers will find these cars harder to sell in the new year, so they'll be extra keen to hear your offer.

By getting pre-approved on finance before you hit the dealerships, you can lock in a great rate, negotiate better on the showroom floor, and rest assured that when you've found your perfect car, finance won't be an issue.

In other words, you can avoid…

Introducing... The stratton guide to avoiding 'can't have it' face

1. Budget

Know how much you want to spend on a car each week.

Consider everything. Loan repayments, insurance, registration, fuel, maintenance and other running costs. Ask your stratton consultant to help you factor in loan protection and insurances.

2. Get pre-approval on finance

Call your stratton consultant on 1300 STRATTON (787 288) or get fast pre-approval online.

3. Find the right package

By understanding your long term plans for the car, your consultant can help you choose the right lender, find the right package, and take advantage of residuals, balloon payments and other finance structures to get you the best total package for your needs.

4. Get checked

Once they have found the right package, your consultant will conduct credit, income and identity checks, before submitting your application to the lender. This gives your consultant time to work through any issues that arise long before you hit the dealerships. Typically, our due diligence will detect any potential problems before you submit your application. And once you've found your perfect car, you can get the money faster.

5. Be a better buyer

Asking a dealer for their 'best price' on a car will likely lead to:

If you know you've been pre-approved for $35,000, and your model is advertised at $38,990, you're in a great position to negotiate.

Rather than asking a dealer for 'wiggle room', you can offer a firm price you're prepared to pay, and challenge them to accept that offer. If they can't, they will tell you – be prepared to leave your number and walk away.

Speak with a stratton consultant today

Whether you're just budgeting for a new car or you're ready to hit the dealerships, we can help you find a better deal on finance.

To speak with your stratton consultant, call 1300 STRATTON (1300 787 288) or enquire online.

Thinking of a new car?

If trekking from dealership to dealership isn't your ideal Saturday morning excursion, our partners at carconnect can do the job for you.

Using a unique tendering process, the carconnect team can negotiate a great deal on your behalf, all for one simple, transparent fee.

For a no-obligation quote, call 02 9843 5444.

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