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Hansy Mannil Jul 10, 2023

Stratton makes it easy for you to sign documents wherever, whenever, and regardless if you're using your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. There are quite a number of benefits:

Why E-signing?

  • You don’t need a printer and scanner to sign the document. All you need is your computer or phone.
  • No more issues related to printer and scanner resolution and quality – e-Signed documents are always crystal clear.
  • Easy process for joint applicants – you both E-sign the documents instead of passing each other the copies.
  • Faster and easier to complete – no more guessing where and what to sign!
  • It’s safe and secure.


Here's how it works

Logging in to e-Sign Portal

  1. As your consultant prepares and sends you the documents to sign, you and your co-applicant (if you have one) will receive the following SMS with a password (password in the picture below is just an example):

  1. At the same time, you and all co-applicants will receive the following e-mail with a Link and Login to the E-signing Portal:

  1. To E-sign the document each applicant should follow the link from the email and log in with a Login from the email and password from the SMS:

For security purposes, the password you receive via SMS expires in 1 business day. You should login to the E-sign portal within this time and change the password to your updated one. If for any reason, you haven't done it, please, contact your consultant to generate a new password.

When changing your password, the bellow screen will be shown:

Your password should be between 6 and 32 characters and contain at least one number, one capital letter and one special character (eg. $, @, etc)

And accept Terms of Use:

Signing the Document

In My Documents section, you will see the documents you need to read and E-sign, marked as Unsigned. Click Sign to proceed

Document will be opened for E-signing. You may see the number of fields that are needed to be completed. Fields that needed to be E-signed, completed or ticked will be marked with yellow controls:

There are two types of marks that will be used for e-signing:

  • Your initials: you'll have to sign every page with your initials.
  • Your signature: you'll have to sign particular pages with your signature.

You should set up initials and signature at first. Once signature and initials are set, they may be applied to all further fields by clicking on the corresponding field.

Initials and Signature may be typed, drawn with a mouse or drawn with a finger on the mobile phone:

Choose any of the options, input Initials or Signature and click Apply.

There might be fields at the document, which you should complete. For example, account details should be typed:

Once all required fields are completed, the Signing option will be available at the bottom of the document:

Once you click the button, the document will be E-signed by you. You will receive a message confirming that. If another applicant needs to sign the document as well, it will be outlined in the message:

You may now download the copy of the signed document for your future reference. You will also receive an email with your signed document attached.

Once all applicants sign the document, your consultant will be notified about it and will receive the documents. You don't need to send them by email.

You can refer back to your signed documents in the ‘recently completed' section:

If the document is waiting for another applicant to E-sign it, you'll also see it:


Please refer to Adobe FAQ.

System Requirements

Please refer to Adobe System Requirements.

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