Hansy Mannil Jul 10, 2023

Owning a boat or a caravan is so much more than just travelling the country and soaking up the sun. It also means the competition for best boat in the marina, or the best caravan in the camping ground.

Need some inspiration for your next upgrade to ensure you're ahead of the pack? 
We've found the ultimate boats and caravans from around the world to help you choose how to spend your summer (and your cash).

Car Boat

Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33


We can't tell you how many times we've been at sea and wished we could quickly drive up on land for the night, or the opposite, driving on the roads and wishing we could trade the road for a river and chase the sunset out to sea.

Then we came across the Limousine Tender 33 by Nouvoyage! The world's first luxury amphibious 'yacht' that can transition seamlessly from concrete to coral. The Nouvoyage holds 12 people and comes with a convertible roof.

All you have to do is pay a tidy US$2M; wait between fifteen/eighteen months for the build time, and you'll be racing off the end of the pier in no time!

Boat and Car

Rolls Royce Super Yacht and Car


Think the idea of a boat that doubles as a car is simply ridiculous? Same here! If we ever were going to drive off the water straight onto the highway, we expect it to do it from our Rolls Royce superyacht in our custom built, V12 engine equipped supercar.

The Supercar came as a bonus extra for those who forked out the $34M for the boat - because who doesn't love something for nothing!

Think that putting the word 'super' in front of the word yacht and car is a bit much? Well it needn't worry you any more - there were only six of these SUPERyachts made back in 2010, and they've all been snapped up.

Something understated

Roman Abramovich Yacht


When you're as rich and as well-known as Roman Abramovich (we had to Google him too, apparently he's a Russian businessman, investor and politician), you need something flashy as well as something that can keep you safe at night when you're summering on the seas. We think his $800M superyacht complete with missile-defence should do the trick.

And because you buy the world's second largest private yacht to have some privacy, it also comes complete with a 'laser shield' that prevent any paparazzi photos being taken of the ship (don't ask us how we got this photo of it, it was a top-secret mission).

But what if forking out your millions for a summer on the sea is just not your thing? Well that's when you need your very own multi-million dollar caravan!

For the road

EleMMent Palazzo


Now when you think of caravanning, we're certain you don't think of tiny bunk beds, fly-screen patios and Caribee chairs.

If you are going to do caravanning, you have to do it right. And to do it right, you need the caravan with the solid-gold exterior and marble floors.

Introducing Dubai's $3.4M, EleMMent Palazzo.

With a fireplace, underfloor heating and a cocktail bar on the roof, even we could manage the 'are we there yets?' on the drive to the caravan park.

OK we admit it, these might be just out of our price range for our summer holidays. If you have your eye on a new boat or caravan, or want to chat to our Marine and Leisure team about getting financed, call 1300 955 600 or submit an online quote here.

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