Hansy Mannil Jul 10, 2023

As the Easter holidays approach, and the kids are off school, it's time to load up the car and get out onto the open road.

With long car trips come such games as "I need to go to the toilet", "I just spilled my drink on the seat" and everyone's favourite, "Are we there yet?".

These holidays, keep everyone entertained, and the driver at ease, with our picks for the best Road Trip games.

Road Trip Games


The Game: Would You Rather

Would You Rather?

Source: Ice Cream Sandwich Comics

The Rules

This is where your real creativity can come out, and you can try your best to make everyone else in the car as uncomfortable as possible. Just think of two separate, equally gross scenarios, and ask the car 'Would You Rather?'.

Here are some our office prepared:

"Would you rather eat a kilo of worms, or a kilo of cockroaches?"

"Would you rather have to bathe in a swamp, or never bathe again?"

"Would you rather have the flu forty-five weeks of the year for the rest of your life, or stub your toe every hour for the rest of your life?"

Pull Over When

The game gets so graphic that you need some fresh air.


The Game: The Number Plate Alphabet Game

Number Plate Game

The Rules

Best played on a road with plenty of cars going past, it's every player for themselves finding all the letters of the alphabet in a row on different number plates. Whoever finds A-Z fastest is the winner.

Pull Over When

The knives come out when someone claims they've finished and it erupts into mass cheating accusations.


The Game: The Alphabet Category Game

The Alphabet Category Game

The Rules

A step up from the Number Plate Alphabet Game, in this game the car agrees on one particular topic, from person to person, the group must think of something that pertains to that category all the way from A-Z. For example, if the category was food: A- Apple, B- Bread, C- Chocolate, and so on...

Pull Over When

The car gets hungry after naming too many foods, or when someone tries to claim that an everyday person could classify ‘Xylophone' as a food.


The Game: I-Spy


The Rules

An oldie but a goodie, everyone's played I-Spy at least once in their lives. One player picks an object that can be seen by all players that is either inside or outside of the car. They tell the other players the first letter of that object, and all other players try to guess the object correctly.

Pull Over When

There are tears/screams over a player choosing an object that is too hard, or when someone claims that they had already said that answer.


The Game: 20 Questions

20 Questions

The Rules

One person chooses a person, place or thing, and everyone else is allowed 20 yes/no answer questions to decipher what it may be. At the end of the 20 questions, each player is allowed one guess to pick what the person was thinking.

Pull Over When

No-one gets the right answer, so they backtrack through all 20 questions to ensure the player asked them all truthfully or not.


The Game: Sing-A-Long

Muppets Sing a long

Source: Disney

The Rules

For a game that no-one can resist, it's time to bring out your mix-tape of the all-time favourites. Whether it's a family favourite, or songs from your childhood, there are songs that are physically impossible to not sing along to.

Pull Over When

It's time for a breather after a power ballad.


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