Hansy Mannil Dec 1, 2023

When looking for a car that is capable of carting around the whole soccer team, too often there has to be a choice between having a high quality car and having a car that can fit everyone inside.

We've scoured the industry and found three market leading seven-seaters that allow you to bring the kids to school, and bring some sexy back too.

We've put the Holden Captiva head-to-head (to head) with the Mazda CX-9 and the Kia Sorento.

Who will be crowned King of the Kids?

Mazda Kia Holden

2016 Holden Captiva LTZ

Holden Captiva


It's not the newest, it's not the flashiest - but it is definitely one of the most affordable seven-seat SUVs on the market.

With a fresh new face for 2016, which includes a new front-end (we're still not sold on the twin grille), LED daytime lights and new look 19" alloy wheels, the Captiva is certainly a car you won't mind showing off on the school-run.

The LTZ can now add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to it's list of technological advances, unfortunately though, your tunes may be drowned out by the sound of the diesel engine. When it comes to safety, the addition of the front and rear parking sensors, as well as a rear-view camera makes parking a whole lot easier for the driver.

The best parts? Good leg room in each of the three rows means the whole family will fit in comfortably.

The pitfalls? The turning circle is a wide 11.87m, and boy is it thirsty for your petrol (11.5L/100km).

Overall, the critics just aren't sold on the Holden. Whilst it can save you some cash upfront with it's alluring price-tag, the resounding vote is to invest in something a little more reliable.

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2016 Mazda CX-9

Mazda CX-9


It's been eight years since the last CX-9 was released, but Mazda has certainly made up for lost time with the new 2016 model.

The younger model has been working hard to outshine it's (still strong selling) older sibling. It's shed 100kg and is a whole lot sportier, with a more switched-on response time for impressive handling.

The addition of i-STOP (idle stop) helps the CX-9 consume a reasonable 8.4L/100km for a far more eco-conscious ride.

What it lacks? 20% less junk in the trunk and no air-vents in the third row could mean some serious tantrums come summertime.

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2016 Kia Sorento SLi

Kia Sorento


It seems Kia has finally found it's sweet spot in the market, nestled right in-between the affordable and high-end family SUV categories. And it's your kids in the back who will thank you for it.

Stepping inside the Sorento, the luxury in the contoured seats or the plush leather armrests are obvious.

Turn on the ignition and that's when you'll really feel the magic. The refined diesel engine will give you more than enough speed for a car of this size. With the engine drinking an impressively restrained 7.8L/100km when tested on both the city and country roads.

The 10-speaker infinity sound system will be a much-loved addition for all drivers, and will be a perfect way to drown out the kids fighting in the back seat.

Not that they should be. With a middle-row that can slide forward and back to allow for more legroom, heated outside seats, sunshade blinds, and even a USB port to charge their gadgets - the kids should be suitably entertained even on longer journeys, and will be hard-pressed to find anything to complain about.

Not even getting a flat in this car will be an issue, with a spare tyre and matching alloy wheel waiting for you under the boot.

Classy Kia, very classy.

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So, who comes out on top?

When you're investing in a seven-seater, there are six other people that need to enjoy the ride as much as you do.

With the combination of sleek looks, excellent fuel economy, and luxuries the whole family can enjoy - the Kia Sorento is an investment that will pay off, no matter what seat you're in.

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