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Chris Reid Jun 30, 2023

There are a few solid reasons why going with a used car is a great option, the major benefit being that it’s more than likely seen the steepest depreciation happen already in which case it’s great value.

Once you’ve decided to go down the used car road, you’ll then need to determine what type of vehicle you’re after - and there are a few categories from which to choose:

Starter cars



Mid-sized SUVs

Large SUVs



Our top used car pick for each category

Using our in-depth knowledge of the car industry as well as a substantial amount of research, we’ve chosen what we reckon are the tippy top choices for each of the above categories - and don’t cost a crazy amount of dollary-doos either. Though the individual price will depend on a few factors such as overall condition, year, kms travelled and trim level.


Small/compact - Mazda3

The Mazda3 has been impressing the auto industry for many years now - and with very good reason. Released back in 2004, the Mazda3 has at several occasions been the best-selling vehicle across Australia due to its beautiful styling, reliability and high-quality build.

Looking at RedBook, the private price of the 2015 Mazda3 Neo BM Series with manual transmission is between $12,400 and $14,300.


Sedan - Honda Accord

While it may come across as a bit of a boring option in the category, the Honda Accord comes with a wealth of features that make it a fantastic sedan option. Add to that the fact that it’s a Honda - a manufacturer renowned for quality and reliability - and how well it holds its value and it’s easy to see why it’s our pick of the bunch.

When searching for the Accord on RedBook, we found its 2016 VTi in auto with a private price between $16,800 and $19,000.


Mid-sized SUV - Subaru Outback

For a vehicle that delivers so much tech and features, an immense amount of cargo space, all-wheel-drive and advanced safety, you’d think its used sale price might be a little steep for your budget. Especially considering it’s a Subaru. But you might be surprised that on RedBook we discovered that the 2014 Subaru Outback 2.0D 5GEN with 6-speed manual is priced from $16,700 - $19,000.


Large SUV - Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

For a dual-range 4X4 you might expect to pay a pretty ridiculous price. Throw in an incredible amount of versatility and comfort whether you’re making your way up a steep, rocky hill or taking the kids to school and owning one might start feeling like a pipe dream. And it’s a Mitsubishi, too? See ya later.

But hold on just a second - you can get all of that (according to RedBook) from $32,200-$35,500 in the used car market!


Ute - Ford Ranger

THE most popular/widely-sold ute over several different years and with a few awards to its name, Ford’s Everest continues to be a powerhouse name in the ute category. And because it’s been so bloody popular, you’ll more than likely be spoiled for choice when it comes to buying one used.

RedBook says you can grab a used 2015 4X2 2-door XL PX manual from $13,400. For those who’re interested in a 4WD dual cab though, you’re looking at $25,500 - $28,400 for the 2015 Ranger XL PX double cab in manual.


Starter car - Toyota Corolla

First of all, a ‘starter car’ refers to a car for those who are about to or have just got their probationary license. If this is you or you’re shopping in this category for one of your kids, make sure you steer clear of anyone named Dennis selling a 1993 Range Rover.

Okay, so let’s get into why a used Corolla is a top starter car. You’re getting a vehicle that doesn’t need to be meticulously maintained to stay reliable (let’s face it, teenagers have “more important” stuff to do than take care of their car properly). You’re also going with a car that’s been very well designed and manufactured, and isn’t pushing a heap of power - just enough, actually.

RedBook has the 2015 Corolla Ascent manual private price guide as $12,100 - $14,000.


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