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Hansy Mannil Jul 10, 2023

So you've found a loan with a great interest rate?

Congratulations. That's probably a good deal.

But if the New Year's resolution to save money is still fresh in your mind, don't settle for a good deal. Let us show you what a great deal looks like.

Interest rates are an easy way to compare finance options, but they're only the tip of the iceberg. A great deal aligns your unique, individual needs with the right mix of options that you may be eligible to receive with your loan.

It all comes down to service. By understanding both your current situation and future plans, your stratton consultant is in a better position to find the best overall finance package for you.


Options that can save you money

Ask your consultant for more information on finance with no early payout fees, flexible balloon payments, low doc and no doc options, loans specifically tailored to professionals and first-time borrowers, a range of loan terms, interest rates, upfront costs and more.

For example

Take these three different scenarios; A graduate fresh out of university, a single-parent of two children who owns a small business, and a well-to-do businessman. Three different lives, three different needs, three different finance options.

These aren't real people, but they demonstrate how a great deal is about more than a good interest rate.

John, 55

Company Director

John is established and does well for himself. He earns $145,000 a year, and likes getting a new car every three years. A great rate is important to him, but the flexibility to upgrade is even more important. He wants to buy a car worth $60k.

John's bank offered an enticing interest rate, but there are penalties waiting for him if he chooses to pay out his contract early and upgrade his car in three years' time.

John's Bank offered him:

stratton found John:

5.49% Interest Rate

5.69% Interest Rate

High penalties for early exit

No penalties for early exit

5 year loan

5 year loan

Verdict: GOOD DEAL


By understanding his needs, stratton gave John the choice between; (a) a loan with early exit penalties, at a better interest rate than the bank, and (b) the option to pay slightly more per week, but save more than $1,000 in total by avoiding early termination penalties. With stratton, John ended up saving more money overall.

Judy, 41

Mother of 2

Judy is a single mother of two teenagers. She works full-time on an annual salary of $65,000, and needs a car that will fit the family in for trips to school and to work every day. She wants to buy a new car worth $30k.

Judy's Credit Union offered her:

stratton found her:

6.99% Interest Rate

6.99% Interest Rate

No balloon payment available

Balloon payment available

5 year loan

5 year loan

Verdict: GOOD DEAL


A balloon payment is a lump sum payable at the end of the loan that reduces that regular repayments. Judy could have taken her Credit Union's offer of a loan with no balloon payment, but would have had to accept higher weekly repayments.

Instead, stratton understood her situation, and realised paying less week-to-week would make a huge difference to her life. Judy chose stratton and agreed to a $12k balloon payment at the end of her loan. Because of this, she has an extra $168 per month in disposable income whilst her children are at school – so she could pay for school books and afford a family holiday each year. At the end of her lease, Judy could use the money she received by on-selling her vehicle to pay the $12k balloon payment.

Andrew, 24

Graduate Worker

Andrew has recently finished university, and started working in a graduate position in his field four months ago. He will need a car to get to work when his employer moves office next month. He wants to buy a car worth $20k.

The car dealer offered Andrew a reasonable interest rate, but required a 20% deposit upfront. With his saving capacity of only $100 a week, it would have taken him a year to save up the deposit needed with the car dealer's finance option.

Car Dealer found him:

stratton found him:

7.99% Interest Rate

7.74% Interest Rate

20% deposit required upfront

No deposit required

5 year loan

5 year loan

Verdict: GOOD DEAL


By presenting Andrew with the option of a "First Car Buyer" loan option that provided a lower interest rate and didn't require an up-front deposit, stratton saves Andrew money, kick-starting his credit rating and getting him in his car straight away.

Let us help you find a great deal on finance

stratton listens to you and your needs to find you a great deal, not just a good deal.

With our range of lenders, and quick, quality service, we'll get you the deal you want by giving you all the facts - all with no waiting around.

Call 1300 STRATTON (1300 787 288) or get an online quote today.

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