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Chris Reid Jul 10, 2023

Who’d have thought it - sitting around watching TV all day is mind-numbingly boring! Especially when it’s something that is (unavoidably) forced upon us to ensure we contain the ‘rona as much as we can.

There’s a big wide world out there that’s ready to be explored, and if cabin fever has started to tighten its grip on your sanity a little too much you’d better change out of your pj’s, pack what you need and put a good amount of distance between yourself and your house. Here are a few solid ideas to help you on your way to finding some serenity.


Day trips ahoy


Don’t have the time or capacity to spend more than a day away? We know all too well what that’s like - hopefully though a visit to either one of the two following places in South Australia allows you to switch off the stress switch for a few hours.


All aboard the Cockle Train


An hour’s drive south of Adelaide is the Cockle Train, which will take you on Australia’s oldest steel-railed railway line from its Goolwa Station depot all the way to the centre of Victor Harbor and back, passing through Middleton and Port Elliot on the way. It’s a simple and fun day out for adults and kids alike.


Prancing Pony Brewery


Is there such a thing as too many brewery/winery tours? We don’t think so. The Prancing Pony Brewery is only half an hour drive from the Adelaide CBD and offers brewery tours which culminate in a tasting session and some seriously good eats. Before you arrive, take a few of the side roads - they can be quite fun to navigate.


Wonderful weekends


Bukirk Glamping, Clare Valley


Clare Valley, which is about 150 kilometres north of Adelaide, is home to one of the most opulent camping (glamping) experiences out there. This isn’t a two-person tent with a couple of foam mats that try their best (but fail miserably) to keep that one sharp stone from digging into your thigh all night - each tent includes a legit bed, private ensuite and deck for you to sit on, enjoy a glass of locally-produced wine and enjoy the gorgeous surrounds.


Heli-camping, Flinders Ranges


Travel just under 5 hours to Rawnsley Park Station and jump aboard a chopper that’ll take you all the way to the Chace Range (passing Rawnsley Bluff and Wilpena Pound on the way). There, perhaps the most incredible sunset you’ll ever experience is presented to you - which you can enjoy at its fullest while camp’s being set up by staff. Dinner’s taken care of for you too, but you’ll need to take care of brekkie yourself (though they provide ingredients) before the chopper arrives to bring you back to Rawnsley Park Station.


Week-away holidays


Myponga Beach


Beachside camping is brilliant, isn’t it? Pack your swag and head to Myponga Beach to truly escape the grind. The beauty of this spot is that, well, there’s very little else to do than activities that promote mindfulness; beach fishing, swimming, beach walks and wetlands to explore all make it an ideal place to really reset.


Take a real road trip

As a native South Australian you may or may not have visited the above places before. If not, we really suggest getting to each of them one day. But sometimes it’s not about going to a specific place - why not load up the car and just… drive? Sure, you probably shouldn’t do this during the busy tourist months if you want to be 100% confident you’ll be able to get a bed wherever you stop for the night. Right now, though, chances are you’ll find a pillow wherever it is you stop. Get yourself a map, circle a few places you wouldn’t mind stopping through or staying, and get going.


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