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Toby Simmons Jun 2, 2021

It’s been a little while since we last put a car depreciation profile together so we thought we’d give it a revisit, this time with the Nissan Navara. We went through the ins and outs of what car depreciation is in our Mazda CX-5 depreciation article so if you need a bit of a refresher, have a read of that to get back up to speed.

Okay, now back to the vehicle in question!

The 2021 Nissan Navara has effectively had the biggest overhaul since the truck was introduced to the market back in 2015. It really does look awesomely tough, especially the top-of-the-line PRO-4X which comes stock with fender flares, all-terrain tyres and a black-on-red styling theme that looks seriously good.

Unfortunately, though, there’s been no power improvements from the previous model-year; all models in the range come with a 2.3-litre twin turbo engine, with the 4WD models pushing out 450nM of torque. Conversely, price HAS gone up across the range - perhaps due to the advanced tech available in the MY21 Navara range.

If you’re considering buying a Nissan Navara, whether for personal or business use, it’s a good idea to get a gauge on its prospective resale value by sussing out its anticipated rate of depreciation - we’ve gone ahead and done that for you, so read on!


How the Navara compares to industry standard depreciation


Using this Canstar article as a reference, the average depreciation rates for cars for each year of ownership within the first three years are as follows:

  • 19% after the first year
  • Another 15% after the second year
  • Yet another 15% after the third year

Righto, so now we know that we can compare the Nissan Navara against the industry average and see how she fares.

We found the base model price on the Nissan Australia website - the NAVARA MANUAL 4X2 SL SINGLE CAB CHASSIS - at its driveaway price of $32,990 driveaway for ABN buyers which we then converted into GBP (£18,343.10 as at 11/04/21) to be entered into the depreciation tool available at

The Navara’s results came up as:

  • 16% depreciation after the first year
  • 73% depreciation in the second year
  • 49% depreciation in the third year

So while the first year is lower than the average, the following two years are each slightly higher. But don’t worry, if you’ve had your heart set on owning a Nissan Navara you can rest easy knowing that the total depreciation after three years of ownership is just slightly lower than the total average depreciation. So you’re good to go!


Get behind the wheel of a brand new Navara quickly - and with zero hassles


Now that we’ve established that they’re better than average in terms of keeping their value (even if only a little), if you want to sort out finance as easily as possible and with absolutely no hassles at all, you’re in the right place.

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this article should be assumed as personal advice. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs, and where appropriate, seek advice from a professional financial adviser.

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