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Chris Reid Jul 3, 2023

We’ve all been anxiously watching the upwardly-trending price of fuel over the last few weeks. And for many of us, this hefty price hike at the pump can have a massively negative effect on our budgeting.

To help you minimise its effects on your life, here are 5 great ideas you can consider implementing.


Check your tyre pressure.

If you’re driving around on under-inflated tyres, you’re going to be burning more fuel. Check on them at the servo (or at home, if you’ve got a gauge yourself) at least once every month.


Stop the idling.

You might not realise it, but idling in your car can waste a lot of fuel that, if you’d just switched off your engine, wouldn’t have been wasted. Be mindful when you’re sitting in your car and idling, and switch it off completely if you can.


Keep servicing up to date.

Missed the date you were supposed to service your car? Not only is this bad for resale value, but it may also mean something needs fixing that is currently costing you more at the pump.


Engage cruise control whenever possible.

Using cruise control on longer trips allows the car to reach a certain speed and stick to it consistently as opposed to accelerating and slowing down over and over again. This can help to lower the amount of fuel being used quite substantially, too.


Shop around.

Instead of waiting until you’re sitting right on the ‘E’, take note of when you’re close to needing a fill-up. Because by having the freedom to spend a bit of time using one of the (many) apps and websites out there that show you all the current prices of fuel, you’ll potentially save a bundle.


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