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Chris Reid Jul 10, 2023

Planning on getting your fourbie onto a slippery, boggy track for a weekend away? Maybe it’s a more cool, calm and collected scenic drive on the bitumen somewhere not too off the beaten track for a couple of nights. Whichever sounds more like your cup of tea, heading into the cooler months means the gear we bring on camping trips needs to be switched up a bit.


The must-have items on any winter camping trip

It’s getting closer and closer to that time of the year when we put away the pluggers and bring out the uggies again. But there’s so much more than just footwear to think about before you head off on your next cold-weather camp-out.


1. Car gear

Road and driving conditions are vastly different in winter. If you don’t have a 4WD and are planning to drive through snow, for example, you’ll be needing to either buy or rent some tyre chains.

We also can’t recommend a handheld jump starter enough. You can pick one up for pretty cheap these days, and they can be an absolute lifesaver when you need one.

And you should most definitely do an overall check on your car including the tyre tread and pressure, lights (including blinkers), internal heater and window defroster.


2. Clothing

Singlets and stubby shorts won’t cut it when the mercury falls below around 15-20. Make sure you pack a bulky waterproof jacket, long johns (get some if you don’t already have them), plenty of jumpers, jeans and tracksuit, a beanie, some boots and, of course, your uggies.


3. Sleeping

Sleeping under the stars is gonna have to wait till next summer. A well-rated sleeping bag and extra blanket (just in case), air or foam rubber mattress to lie on and decent tent are essential for a good night’s sleep.


4. Firestarting

Remember that scene in Castaway when Tom Hanks’ character makes fire? The sheer joy he had because he’d been working on it for hours and hours?

Skip the hard work and go straight to the joy part by packing plenty of matches (they can get wet, so store boxes in different spots), candles and if possible some dry kindling and firewood.


5. Food and drink

A given on any camping trip, no doubt, but in winter it’s better to go with items like soups and stews you can heat over the fire which are filling and provide plenty of nutritional value.

And to make it a true blue Aussie camp-out bring along some self-raising flour, salt, milk, butter and sugar to make some campfire damper.


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