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Chris Reid Jul 3, 2023

Yes, we’d all love to own an ultra-rare beast we can keep locked away throughout the week and open up (within reason, of course) on the roads each weekend. Like the hair-raising 5.4L watercooled Porsche 928, or a Phase IV Ford Falcon GTHO with its 5.8L Cleveland 351 V8… *cue Homer’s augglllgglglglgllg noise*

What were we talking about again? Ah yes, rare cars. So while they’d be an absolute dream to drive, there are indeed a few cons to owning them in general. Conversely, buying popular vehicles we seem to see around every corner on the roads can be very beneficial. Let’s get into why that is now.


1. Parts are cheaper

Put plainly, the more common the vehicle is, the easier parts are to come by. So if and when you find yourself needing a new timing belt or brake calipers, you won’t have to sell a kidney to cover the costs.


2. You’ll save on servicing costs

More savings! On top of the cheaper parts, when you take it in for scheduled services (and please, for the love of all that is holy, make sure you service it regularly), because it’s a popular vehicle the mechanic will most likely know their way around it like the backs of their hand.

Think how different things would be if you rolled in behind the wheel of something they’d never seen and how much more time and effort they’d be putting into getting the work done (though they’d be licking their lips as you drove it in, most likely!).


3. It’ll be easier to sell down the track

Because of the previous two points, reselling it once you’re ready to get yourself something new again will be a breeze (provided you’ve taken good care of it and stuck to the scheduled servicing). Which means less headaches and stress down the track. And really, you can’t put a price on that, can you?


4. It’ll have a lower depreciation rate (usually)

Due to a higher demand for more popular cars, this will generally mean that these cars will hold their value better and for a longer time than other vehicles. However, this sometimes isn’t the case - for example, if a common issue presents itself several years down the line which carries with it a hefty fix cost.


5. There’s lots more information available

When you’re spending a few grand (at least) on something, you want to be able to do plenty of research before making the purchase. Going for a popular make and model means, of course, there will be more owners, which means more user reviews you’ll be able to find online to get a much better idea about the vehicle. This information can include things like common issues you can be made aware of as well as tips and tricks you might otherwise not have been able to discover.

And finally, let’s not forget that there’s more often than not a very good reason why cars are popular. Reliability can be a key feature that makes a car popular, which is of course a great characteristic of any vehicle.


Make your new car buying process as straightforward and simple as possible

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Whether you’re in desperate need for an upgrade because your current vehicle is on its last legs and you can’t trust it to take you to the local milk bar and back or you’re super-excited to take ownership of the car of your dreams, we’re here to make sure it’s in your driveway sooner - and with zero hassles.

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