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If you'd like to know more about home loans and residential property mortgages, visit Lendi.com.au and chat to a specialist.

Loan options include:

  • Variable or fixed rates
  • Full doc, low doc and no doc options
  • Equity redraw
  • Offset accounts
  • Professional packages
  • First home-buyer loans
  • Construction and land loans
  • Refinancing and debt reduction
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Loan splits

Common questions about your property finance

Refinancing your home loan or investment loan is the process of changing your property loan and/or lender.

Refinancing allows you to select a new loan product that better suits your current circumstances, and take advantage of additional benefits provided by your current lender or another lender.

Essentially, when you refinance your mortgage you take out a new loan against your your property, which replaces your existing (old) loan. The funds from the new loan are used to pay out your current loan.

Common reasons for refinancing your home loan or investment loan include:

  • Home improvement such as remodelling, refurbishment, installing a pool or adding outbuildings.
  • Debt consolidation to pay off credit cards, store cards and other loans.
  • Saving money by refinancing to a mortgage with a lower interest rate or reduced fees.
  • Accessing loan features better suited to your current situation, for example switching from a variable rate to a fixed rate
  • Accessing equity in your home for overseas travel, investment property and other purposes

If you're no longer happy with your current lender or loan, or your financial situation has changed, you may wish to consider refinancing.

Refinancing can be useful, potentially allowing you to access the equity you have in your property, get on top of debt or save money. However, there are also potential costs (both direct and indirect) that you should be aware of before you decide to refinance.

Costs of refinancing a home loan or investment property loan may include:

New loan fees

  • application, establishment and registration fees
  • valuation fees
  • mortgage insurance (depending on the loan-to-valuation ratio)

Current loan fees

  • early payment or settlement penalties and fees
  • discharge fees

While refinancing can save you money, you can also end up paying more interest over the life of the loan if you add additional time to your existing loan period.

To find out whether refinancing is the right option for you, visit Lendi.com.au and chat to a specialist.

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