Novated Lease for Employees

Novated Lease for Employees

Why a Novated Lease by stratton?

We are not afraid to give you all the information up front and in black and white

  • Finance amount
  • Interest rate
  • Included insurances
  • Management fees

A Novated Lease is meant to benefit you (the employee) not the company providing you the lease.

This means no hiding behind jargon or marketing, just information you need to know. With a stratton Novated Lease, you will have a full understanding of your lease, the interest rate, the amount financed, and the total impact to you.

You can be confident we're putting you first.

See how much you could benefit with a quote

You've made the smarter choice with a Novated Lease from stratton.

Now you're about to discover that the benefits of Novated Leasing go well beyond just the tax savings

So how does a Novated Lease save you money?

1. No Stress with your Caltex StarFleetPlus Card

Your Caltex StarFleetPlus Card is the simplest way to manage your vehicle's fuel and maintenance costs.

Accepted at over 2,000 service stations and 3,500 fleet service providers nationwide.

The simpler way to get fuel:

  • When filling up, simply take the vehicle to a Caltex fuel station (including Woolworths Caltex and a range of independent stations)
  • Swipe your card just like EFTPOS
  • Enter your odometer reading
  • Enter your personal PIN number
  • (the attendant will show you how to create your PIN number when you first use your card)
  • You're done!

All your maintenance costs are covered with just a swipe from your Caltex StarFleetPlus Card.

All services can be paid for via your Caltex StarFleetPlus Card and will be verified by a trained mechanic to ensure all the work carried out is appropriate and doesn't include any non-essential upsells.

Service and Maintenance made easy

  • When booking your service, let the mechanic know that the maintenance is managed by Caltex Starfleet and that you will be paying with a StarFleetPlus Card.
  • The mechanic will then call Starfleet for approval
  • Starfleet will then issue an order number to the mechanic to commence work
  • Once the work is completed they will phone to finalise the work carried out
  • The merchant will phone Starfleet if the vehicle requires extra work.

2. Enjoy The Extra Savings

With your Novated Lease, all your vehicle maintenance costs are GST-free, and when combined with your Caltex StarFleetPlus Card, you can enjoy even more savings.

You can get savings of up to 20% through selected partner merchants when you pay using your Caltex StarFleetPlus Card.

Plus, when you use your Caltex StarFleetPlus Card, you'll get an extra 4c a litre discount on fuel anywhere your card is accepted.

3. Peace of Mind while on the Road

24-hour Roadside Assistance is also included with your new card. Should you need Roadside Assistance just call 1800 225 111. This number is also printed on the back of your Caltex StarFleetPlus Card for your reference.

4. Save even more

There are no limits on the number of Novated Leases you can operate, so you can package up a car for everyone in the family.