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As Australia's largest consumer vehicle finance broker, stratton are bringing benefits and transparency to Novated Leasing.

Novated Leases are classified as a commercial finance product, even though the end users are consumers. We believe the end user should dictate the protections offered and receive full disclosure and transparency on their lease.

"We're operating independently of industry practice and behaving as though the industry is regulated - because this product should be totally transparent to consumers. Our quotes will fully disclose the purchase price of the vehicle leased, the total financed amount and the interest rate." - Rob Chaloner, stratton Founder and CEO.

This is our promise to you - Nothing hidden in fine print or behind marketing fluff, just everything you need to know - straight up.

"A person earning $65,000 a year who packages a $35,000 car with typical running expenses of $13,200 a year would be about $2,500 a year better off by packaging, according to KPMG tax partner David Sofra"

Sydney Morning Herald

"the end user should dictate protections and receive full disclosure and transparency like that [in] a consumer loan"

Sydney Morning Herald

"The brokerage is now offering full disclosure of all components such as vehicle price and interest rates within its novated leasing products to ensure customers receive the same level of disclosure as they would be entitled to under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act"

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Your consultant will take the time to understand your needs so they can find the right package for you.

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Australia's largest asset finance broker

As Australia's largest asset finance broker, we have established relationships with financiers, so you can enjoy great rates and choose from a range of finance options.

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We keep it in-house

We say no to call centres, and manage your novated lease ourselves, so we can ensure faster, more flexible service.

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