Let's face it – The Mazda3 may be one of Australia's top selling cars but it's a name that is hardly inspiring plus how do you distinguish it from all the other Mazda3's on the road?

Give him or her their own name of course!

Save yourself from early exit fees


Without getting too technical, in psychological terms, giving human characteristics to nonhuman entities is known as anthropomorphism. It's very common for people to name inanimate objects; everything from phones, musical instruments and even vacuum cleaners.

Unless you are buying a white Toyota Corolla (and sometimes even then – sorry white Toyota Corolla drivers!), most people see a car as an extension of themselves and their personality. And a random internet search reveals an astounding number of car name generators so if you are one who has named their car, you are not alone.

Cars are people too

Our cars can become a big part of our lives. They carry our families around safely, through bad weather, traffic and temper tantrums. We use them to escape on road trips or to take us to work. They have seen our happiest moments and some of our saddest as we travel to births, weddings and funerals.

Our mechanical vehicles have movement and with it, certain idiosyncrasies we interpret as personalities. The way they drive, take corners, park and idle all contribute to their personality. Think about it – do you zip down to the shops in your MX-5 or cruise up the road in your Chrysler 300?

They become a part of our memories, one of the family and thus deserving of a name.

What's in a name?

There is no shame in naming your car… But be very careful what to name it, it may have sounded fun at the time but do you want to be driving Zippy McZipFace 10 years from now?

It used to be that cars were mainly named after women but these days anything goes. However, to ensure your car's name remains classic, not cheesy, here are a few simple do's and don'ts.


  • Live with your car before you name it – unless you fall instantly in love and know Zoe is the one for you. Get to know your car.
  • Pick an inspiring name. Name it after a place you want to go or a person you admire but think it through, it is ok to drive around in an Einstein, Obama, Pompei or even an Adelaide but think carefully about Uummannaq (a town in Greenland - home to the most northerly ferry terminal)!
  • Keep your sense of humour while staying alert to the possibility of hidden dad jokes, alliteration, rhymes, puns and even comments about what the car resembles. Go for Suzie the Sunny Suzuki, Vlad the Impala or even Kermit the Frog.


  • Don't name it after a boyfriend or girlfriend. Besides the weirdness factor, the same rules apply here as getting someone's name tattooed on you. Remember your car may be around longer than your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Don't use a random car name generator, give your car the love it deserves and a name that truly represents what it means to you.

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