It turns out there were just too many good car ads out there to fit into one article. We've heard your feedback, and your suggestions - and like all good film studios, have jumped on a sequel. We now present - Unforgettable Car Ads: Part II.

Missed out on Part 1? Catch up here.

The Super Bowl Factor

A viral hit when released a week before its official air date, 'The Force' by Volkswagen has been heralded by many as the best Super Bowl car ad of all time. Volkswagen was the first to take the massive risk of releasing the ad online rather than waiting until its prime time air date, but with 17 million views before game time VW's risk reaped them the viral reward they were hoping for. Five years on and it is still the most shared Super Bowl ad of all time.

The Car Ad That Scared Every 90's Kid

Every kid remembers being brought up to the computer screen by an older sibling or friend, and told to watch this car ad. Watching a car wind around the countryside seems pretty average... until the car disappears behind a clump of trees and doesn't appear again. Cue every child to bring their eyes closer to the screen... and the rest is history.

The First Ad Promoting Seat Belts

Exactly 20 years before it became law to wear a seatbelt in a car, the safety campaign 'Snap into that seat belt habit - you know it makes sense' introduced audiences to the idea of wearing a seat belt. Back then it was a tough message to sell. Many drivers insisted that when they were driving their metal box at 100km/h, there was no need for any form of protection should they hit another metal box travelling at 100km/h.

Getting Groovy: Citroën C4, 'Dancing Robot' (2004)

Yes, the tag-line for the car is 'Alive with Technology', but we have a feeling this advertisement was aiming to be a viral-hit with viewers rather than a way to show off the sleek new Citroen C4. It won the Bronze award at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, and even brought Justin Timberlake's choreographer on board to teach the robot its moves. That explains why this car dances better than us on a Saturday night.

Sticks and Stones: Subaru 360, 'Cheap and Ugly' (1968)

There are few insults more hurtful than being called 'cheap' and 'ugly'. Throw this at a car you're trying to sell, however, and it's a different story. By getting viewers to look past the glitz and the glamour of car advertising, Subaru sold a car that gets the job done, with minimal costs to the buyer at the dealer and the bowser. Chuck in some 60's catalogue models and you've got something that will give viewers a laugh years later.

Safety First: Volkswagen Jetta, 'Like' (2006)

At first, it's shocking that Volkswagen would choose to put their car in an accident in an effort to sell it. It is, however, when the driver and his passenger emerge from the vehicle completely unharmed that the genius of the ad begins to make some sense. A car can be as shiny, fast and sleek as you like, but as the saying goes, 'safety first'. Volkswagen chose the message of safety when selling its 2006 Jetta. The car went on to win 'Top Safety Pick' from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Best Mid-Size Car in Australia's Best Car Awards that same year. Sometimes the unexpected yields the best results.

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