Whether it was a flying car, robotic servants or a life in space, Hollywood movies have given us a look at the future technology that may make up our lives. But as we get closer to these dates, will these predictions come true?

We take a look at what older films believed the early 2000s would look like, and what movies today say about our future. Were they on the right track, or will these only ever exist in film?

The Movie: Blade Runner

The Prediction: Flying Cars by 2019

It wasn't the first, and it won't be the last, but Blade Runner was one of many films to toy with the idea of flying cars in the not too distant future. But with its deadline of 2019 fast-approaching, and no sign of a car that flies becoming commercially available any time soon, we suspect that Ridley Scott's vision of a sky full of cars may not become a reality in the given time-frame.

Whilst there have been many attempts to make the idea of a flying car a reality, it seems Slovakian company AeroMobil are the most confident in their work. In 2015 they unveiled a prototype that they hope will be ready for use by 2017.

The Movie: I, Robot

The Prediction: Automatic and Manually Controlled Cars by 2035
Status: LIKELY

I, Robot has set itself a far more achievable target; cars that travel on the road – but with a few futuristic extras. For the 2004 film, Audi was brought on board to design the 2035 car, which featured regular car tyres being replaced with spherical wheels, a car windscreen that doubles as an interactive video screen, and both automatic and manual driving abilities.

With the introduction of heads-up displays, automatic braking and advances in self-driving technology made by Google, Tesla and others, all of these ideas seem well on their way to becoming a reality for the cars we drive. Here's to a future where we can read a book in the driver's seat and watch TV as a family – in our cars.

The movie also features robots that try to wipe out humanity – so let's hope director Alex Proyas isn't correct on every prediction.

The Movie: Demolition Man

The Prediction: Cryogenically frozen cops and self-driving cars by 2032

Demolition Man has had so many of its futuristic technologies come true, we're starting to believe that this may actually be a thinking-man's masterpiece rather than just a Stallone v Snipes muscle-fest. From its own 90's version of an iPad, to predicting Arnold Schwarzenegger's political career and introducing video calling before anyone knew what Skype was – it certainly has its fair share of eerie predictions. So we're hoping that in the sixteen years between today and the movie's 2032-setting, the self-driving cars they showcased will become a reality.

Much like I, Robot, these vehicles had both self-drive and automatic modes (complete with voice commands to switch between the two). The best feature, however, is the 'Secure Foam' that fills the car if you are involved in an accident, sealing you in safe and snug. Let's hope tech experts focus their work on making these cars before they start bringing 90's action movie stars back from the dead.

The Movie: Death Race 2000

The Prediction: A dystopian world where cars are weapons by 2000

After a crippling financial crisis, the United States crumbles and becomes the dystopian United Provinces. To appease the country's bloodthirsty citizens, there is an Annual Transcontinental Road Race in which five competitors race from coast to coast in a race to the death; striking pedestrians along the way for bonus points, before the sole survivor is deemed the winner.

The cars swapped safety features for guns, spikes and teeth – all with the intention of doing anything but keep people safe. Fortunately, with the year 2000 now a distant memory for us, maybe we've dodged this one.

The Movie: The Jetsons

The Prediction: Living in space by 2062
Status: WE WISH!

When creating a world 100 years in the future, nothing seems too far-fetched, and so the ideas of the 2062 world in which The Jetsons lived were limitless. Now almost 55 years after the primetime cartoon first aired, the sad reality that there probably won't be a society in the sky in the near-future kicks in – and it hurts!

George and Jane Jetson promised us nine-hour working weeks, robot housemaids and spaceships that fold up to fit into a briefcase. Sure, the Jetsons and their community had to flee to the sky because pollution rendered earth inhabitable, but if Elroy can fly his own personal bubble-spacecraft to school every day – why can't we?

The Movie: The Fifth Element

The Prediction: Flying Taxis by 2263
Status: SURELY!

If this isn't a reality two-hundred and fifty years from now, we want no part of this bleak future!

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