Whether it's this season's must-have beauty accessory, or the gadget to turn your car from a simple machine into something that dreams are made of – there's a fine line between what's HOT and what's NOT in the world of car accessories.

So get out your pens and take note, after all, you don't want to end up on the wrong side of the law when it comes to the Car Fashion Police.


Pizza Maker

When you're hankering for a bite on a long car journey, you have a few options. You can pull into the nearest drive-through, you can fill up on chewing gum, or you can quickly whip something up yourself.

Whilst there's nothing better than a homemade meal, when you're on the road, a car-made meal can be just as good. This is when you need your own 12V plug-in car pizza oven!

Drive smugly past the queues for a cold meat pie at the servo and throw that chewing gum packet out the window (right into the nearest rubbish bin, of course) because you have a margarita with extra cheese cooking up nicely, right next to you in the passenger seat.

Pizza that's both pick-up and delivery? So hot right now.

Car pizza maker

Dog Bowl Cup Holder

Now that you've been fed, it's important to look after your best mate too. Rover's in the back eyeing off your pizza, hungry for a meal of his own. And if you don't need to stop for food, neither does he.

Simply scoop his meal straight into this custom-made dog bowl, made to fit perfectly in the cup holders in your car.

Please Note: What goes in, must come out, so make time for a toilet stop for him.

Dog bowl cup holder

Source: PetExpertise.com

Inflatable Backseat Mattress

With the range of gadgets and technology available for cars these days, you can eat, watch TV, and even raise a puppy without ever needing to leave the driver's seat.

In fact, the only difference that once existed between a car and your home was the fact that you could only sleep comfortably at home.

That was, until now.

Happy Hobo has designed an inflatable mattress that fits snugly in the back seat of your car, turning your 15-minute powernap into a 5-star relaxation retreat.

In fact, when all of these gadgets combine, you'll never have to leave your car again*.

*NB: No word yet on an in-car toilet.

Inflatable backseat mattress


Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipe

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat from the recurring nightmare of arriving at work to find that you have forgot to dress your exhaust pipe?

Fear not!

You can now sleep peacefully, and awaken your inner Harajuku Girl, by adding a splash of Japanese glamour to your car's exhaust pipe.

This Hello Kitty stencil fits snugly over the end of your exhaust pipe and blows plumes of the cutest little exhaust fumes into the sky.

The sad truth, however, is that although last season these were on every auto-magazines 'Must-Have' list, this season – Hello Kitty is out, and Pokémon is in.

Fashion's fickle fallout make Hello Kitty the ultimate faux-pas for your Ford Falcon.


Car Lashes

We are all madly in love with our cars. We wash them, name them, and take them to the car hospital (also known as the mechanics) when they're sick. And in the spirit of keeping this love fresh and alive, sometimes our cars might want to put in a little extra effort to look their best for you – and that's when they'll turn up the heat by sticking on a couple of car eyelashes.

These nifty little numbers sit above the headlights, and give your car the pop of beauty that is often lost after years of gruelling hard work driving you to and from work day-to-day.

But be warned, whilst they were once the must-have auto-accessory in Hollywood, cars these days are now opting for a more fresh-faced look.

And because of that, car eyelashes are so NOT right now.

Car lashes

My Family Stickers

Must we explain why these are the coldest of fashion's hot accessories?

Family photo albums are for the dusty shelf to bring out only on the rarest of occasions.

Flaunting your family on your dusty windshield, we're afraid, will never make the It-List.

You have been warned.

My family stickers

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