Insurance, that expense that none of like dipping into our pockets for but that we simply can't live without. Whether it's a cracked windscreen from a weekend in the outback or a buckled bumper from your run in with a lamppost; there will come a time when you are oh so glad that you chose the right insurance.

But therein lies the rub.

Where can you find the right insurance?

At Stratton, we spend a great deal of time researching insurance providers so we can offer not just the best deal but also the best cover for your circumstances. And in our research, we've come across quite a few providers that fit the bill perfectly for certain types of drivers. Here are a few that we think you might be interested in.

For the tradie

There's no doubt the tradie market is a big one. The vast majority of these skilled men and women have a car that they make use of for work on a daily basis, and it's usually loaded with tools. So your run of the mill car insurance policy simply won't do. And with the market being so competitive there are several providers that specialise in insurance for tradies. Each one has its advantages, and with insurance being a highly personalised product, it's hard to choose one as the standout provider.

However, generally speaking, Traderisk checks all the boxes. Well-known as a provider of public liability and tool insurance, not many realise that Traderisk can actually insure your commercial vehicle too. This means that a tradie can keep all of the insurance required for the job under one policy. Not a bad idea.

For the older driver

While most of the major insurance providers will offer cover to drivers of all ages, senior drivers aged over 50 can struggle to find a good quote. Often they find themselves paying a lot more than they feel they should considering their experience behind the wheel. This is precisely why the Australian Seniors Insurance Company is so popular with older drivers.

As the name suggests, this provider specialises in insurance for people aged over 50. From pet to travel insurance, they've got a product to cover everything, but of course, it's the car insurance we're interested in. They personalise policies to suit each individual's lifestyle so the weekend drivers might pay less than the daily drivers.They also offer a variety of other ways to save money on your premium; a factor that could be extremely important for those living on a pension.

For the saver

We all like cash in our pocket and the more, the better. So when you find a company that rewards you for paying your premium by giving you discounts at places like Flight Centre, Ticketek and Hungry Jacks, you know you've hit the jackpot. That, and the fact that they throw in roadside assistance with their comprehensive car and motorcycle policies, is precisely what Youi Car Insurance does.

But it's not just the rewards and the level of cover that we like about this provider. While many insurance companies will tailor your policy to suit your needs, Youi takes it to a whole new level. They take everything into account from how you get to work (public transport or car) to the area that you live in so they can try to get the best deal possible. Ideal for those that like to save on their premiums.

For the young driver

Now we all know how tough and expensive it can be to get on the road at a young age so finding an affordable insurance provider is essential. Unfortunately, a lot of companies won't insure under 25s on their own policy and not everyone can jump on their parents' plan. But lucky for them QBE have come up with an ingenious solution; The insurance box.

This box is installed under your dashboard, and it collects data on your driving habits. The safer you drive, the higher your score. And a high score means a lower insurance premium. This is hands down one of the best car insurance products we have ever come across.

Now there are more insurance providers in Australia than we can list and those above are just some of our favourites for particular types of drivers. However, every driver is different and what might work for your friend or relative may be totally wrong for you. This is why at Stratton, whether you're a 20-year-old new driver or an old hand in your 50s, we work our socks off to find the best policy for you. So check out our car insurance services and let's get you insured and on the road.

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