Whether it's a stunning concept car that never makes it to production, or a new twist on an old favourite - we love motor shows!

There is nothing like the glitz and glamour of an international car show; the exotic locales combine with glamorous motors to evoke a heady image of high-octane fun both on and off the road.

As we are one quarter of the way through 2016, here are our picks of the international car shows so far.

*DISCLAIMER: We like what we like, that doesn't mean that you have to agree. If your favourite didn't make the list, head over to our Facebook page and let us know where we went wrong.

New York International Motor Show

Maserati Levante

The world loves SUVs, and the latest to join the SUV bandwagon is Maserati.

Debuting at the New York International Motor Show, the Maserati Levante is built on the Ghibli sedan platform.

Primed to go up against the Porsche Cayenne, it will be launched in Australia in 2017.

Source: Maserati.com

Geneva International Motor Show

Bugatti Chiron

Just the word Bugatti is enough to send chills down your spine and conjure up images of mind-blowing speed, so the pick of the Geneva International Motor Show was a no-brainer.

Introducing the Bugatti Chiron, the successor to the Veyron. Bugatti will only build 500 units with half of those already sold!

There are a lot of numbers you can use to describe the Chiron, like 0-100km/h in less than 2.5 seconds, but not least is the $US 2.6 million you need to buy one.

Source: Bugatti.com

North American International Motor Show

Audi H-Tron Quattro Concept Car

Despite the unashamedly American focus of the Detroit Auto Show, it is the ever-innovative Audi that shone with their Hydrogen-powered Audi H-Tron Quattro concept car.

An electric all-wheel drive, the Audi H-Tron uses hydrogen fuel cells instead of batteries and can be refuelled in 4 minutes.

And it's an SUV - take that Tesla!

Source: Audi-MediaCentre.com

Beijing Motor Show

ArcFox 7 Concept Car

The concept car ArcFox 7 and its cute baby brother the ArcFox 1, have stolen our hearts at the Beijing Motor Show.

Out of Beigi's R&D centre in Barcelona, the ArcFox 7 is an electric supercar with scissor doors, cool spoilers, and screens front and rear for messages - probably in the designer's mind, nice things like "Hello" and "Have a nice day" - we are thinking more like "nah nah nah nah" as you shoot past, going from 0-100mph in 2.8 seconds.

Whether it ends up in production or not remains to be seen, but with design and proposed performance that will give most tradtional supercars a run for its money, we certainly hope so!

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