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Comprehensive Car Insurance - Agreed vs. Market Value

One of the key decisions when choosing Comprehensive Car Insurance is whether you want to insure your vehicle for an agreed value or market value. Unfortunately there is no right or wrong answer to this question, but rather there are advantages and disadvantages to each depending on the type of car you're insuring, what level of risk vs. cost you are comfortable with, and more. read on...

A Guide to Extended Vehicle Warranties

An Extended Vehicle Warranty can help you avoid large, unexpected repair bills and help you to protect one of your biggest investments - you car. Read on to find out more about manufacturer and statuatory warranties, what an extended warranty is, how it works, the potential benefits and on...

Understanding GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance is an insurance product designed to cover any short-fall between your finance payout and insurance payout in the event of a total write-off of your vehicle. Find out how Gap Insurance works, what it covers you for, and more. Read On