Tyre & Rim Insurance

Tyres& Rims

Tyre & Rim Insurance is a simple and cost effective solution to protect you in the event that your car's wheel rims or tyres are damaged*.

Coverage include tyres being punctured or damaged by a pothole, kerb, nail, screw, metal, glass, road debris or a blowout, and wheel rims becoming cracked, warped or misshapen by a pothole, kerb or road debris.

Benefits of Tyre & Rim Insurance

Key Benefits of this policy include:

  • Three years of protection
  • No excess on claims
  • Towing to the nearest Beaurepaires store if your vehicle cannot be driven following tyre or wheel rim damage, and there is no spare wheel in your vehicle

Additional policy entitlements which are available throughout the three year policy term include:

  • 5% discount on Dunlop and Goodyear tyre purchases made from any Beaurepaires store.
  • Free annual Safety inspection from any of the 320 Beaurepaires stores nationwide

Roadside assistance

You may optionally elect to take include 24 hour roadside assistance, including coverage for:

  • Flat tyres,
  • Flat battery,
  • Running out of fuel,
  • Keys lost or locked in the vehicle,
  • And more!
Exclusions and maximum claim limits may apply. For a full description of the benfits of Tyre & Rim Insurance, and before making any decision in relation to any of the insurance products mentioned on this website, please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available here.