Edition 4, 2007 - Retained Interest & Payout Penalties Explained

Stratton Finance - Finance Focus Newsletter #4 2007 - Retained Interest & Payout Penalties: The hidden charge that could cost you thousands!
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Finance Focus #4 2007

Retained Interest &
Payout Penalties Explained

Welcome to the fourth edition of Finance FOCUS for 2007.

This month we're focusing on "retained interest" - an early payout penalty buried deep in the Terms & Conditions of business-use car finance products from almost every Australian bank and finance company.

Retained interest can literally cost you thousands of dollars, so it's an important concept to understand if you are financing a car through a business, or financing a car in your own name for business purposes.

You can read our new article on retained interest & payout penalties and experiment with our Payout Penalty Calculator (more information on both of these below) to get a better understanding of retained interest & payout penalties for yourself - including how to avoid them.

We'd like to welcome some new additions to the Stratton team: Dionne Stevens, who is the new head our insurance division, as well as Karen Anderson, Nick Angelkovski, Gerry Giannakis and Brad Roach, all of whom join our ever-growing team of finance consultants.

New Article: Retained Interest & Payout Penalties Explained

The hidden charge that could cost you thousands.

When you finance a car (or other vehicle) with a commercial or business-use car finance facility - such as a Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP), Chattel Mortgage, Car Lease or Novated Lease - you are exposing yourself to a hidden penalty if you choose to payout the loan early.

This hidden charge is known as "retained interest" or a "payout penalty", and is applied by almost every vehicle financier in Australia. The worst part is, payout penalties can amount to thousands of dollars - the equivalent of having an interest rates many points higher - and you probably won't even be aware you are paying them.

Stratton Finance is one of only a handful of finance companies that can offer car finance with absolutely no retained interest payout penalties.

Our new article "Retained Interest & Payout Penalties Explained" takes an in-depth look at retained interest & payout penalties, covering what they are, how much they can cost you and how to avoid them.

Read the full article on our website: Click here

New Online Tool: Payout Penalty (Retained Interest) Calculator

To help you better understand how retained interest and payout penalties could affect you, we have added a new Payout Penalty Calculator to our website.

This easy-to-use calculator lets you try out different loan scenarios and payout timeframes, showing the size of potential payout penalties and how these penalties change the effective interest rate of the loan.

Try the calculator for yourself: Click here

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