Edition 3, 2006 - Making Finance "Green", and an Interest Rate Update

Stratton Finance - Finance Focus Newsletter #3 2006 - Making Finance "Green", and an Interest Rate Update
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Finance Focus #3 2006

Green Finance, and an
Interest Rate Update

Welcome to the third edition of Finance FOCUS for 2006. In this issue we take a look at a new initiative from Stratton designed to reduce the environmental impact of our customer's cars, as well as briefly examining the latest news on interest rates. Read on...

Making Finance "Green"

There is no doubt that Global Warming is a "hot topic" at the moment, and that the rising level of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere is one of today's most pressing environmental issues.

Transport is Australia's fastest growing source of greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are by far the biggest contributor to the problem.

The best way to reduce the impact that our cars have on the environment - short of not driving - is to offset their CO2 emissions. Planting trees is one way of offsetting these emissions, because as they grow, trees (and other plants) absorb CO2 from our atmosphere, including the emissions produced by our vehicles. Plant enough trees, and in effect your car can become "carbon-dioxide neutral".

Until recently, we at Stratton Finance had never properly considered how serious Global Warming is, and how we were indirectly contributing to the problem by helping to put thousands of new cars on the road each year.

As such, we have decided to do what we can to make a difference, and are taking the positive step to fund - from our own pocket - a CO2 emissions offset program for all cars that we finance.

From the 15th of October 2006, on behalf of our customers, Stratton will plant 17 native trees for every car that we finance.

In conjunction with Greenfleet, these trees will be planted in areas of great need, including the Murray Darling basin, Murray River catchment area, the Mallee, and a variety of other areas across Australia.

Over the next five years alone, Stratton and our customers will plant enough trees to absorb over 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and create forests that will grow well into our grandchildren's lifetimes. These trees will also benefit the environment in other ways, by helping to combat salinity and soil erosion, and providing a habitat for native Australian wildlife.

Stratton Finance has always been proud to offer the best finance products and most personal service to our customers, and we are now equally proud to offer an environmentally friendly finance solution as well.

Which other car finance company's customers can say to their friends: "I had 17 trees planted to offset my car's carbon dioxide emissions. What about you?"

Coming Soon: Green Lease

Our corporate lending division will also soon be offering an environmentally friendly finance option for companies who maintain fleets of cars and commercial vehicles, or have a large amount of heavy equipment.

In addition to Stratton's competitive leasing options and personal service, we will tailor a carbon-dioxide offset program to suit the vehicles in your fleet and equipment you use, no matter how big or small.

By funding your fleet through Stratton you will be able to save money while also taking a positive step to neutralise your company's impact on the environment.

Intersting Links & Further Reading

Tips for Greener Motoring (on www.greenvehicleguide.gov.au)

Target Neutral, an interesting initiative from the UK (www.targetneutral.com)

Interest Rates Update

In positive news for consumers, the RBA announced on Tuesday that interest rates will remain un-changed for October.

Some analysts have revised their earlier predictions of a further interest rate rise this year, but others are still predicting that we will see another 0.25% increase before Christmas.

Present Australian interest rates remain low by historical standards, and with the current uncertainty around interest rates and inflation, it may be a good time for those thinking of purchasing a vehicle to take stock of the situation and lock in a good interest rate while they can.

More information: http://www.rba.gov.au

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