Edition 3, 2005 - Finance By Design & Green Motoring

Stratton Finance - Finance Focus Newsletter #3 2005 - Finance By Design & Green Motoring
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Finance Focus #3 2005

Finance By Design
Green Motoring

We know you buy your car by design but is it financed by default?

Innovation, originality, functionality... are but a few of the rigorous criteria your new set of wheels must satisfy. But has your car finance undergone the same assessment? Whether you organize finance through a bank, car dealer or finance company, the care with which your finance is designed can determine the make and model of the car purchased.

Of course you may be thinking this is a long bow to draw, but honestly, how many people decide on their finance prior to purchasing their car? More often than not, you'll pick up your regular motoring journal, flick through its pages and pick the car you next see yourself driving. But how do most people go from read to road? Well, your individual requirements will no doubt guide your actions; depending on your preferences, you may consider speed stats, torque band, kilowatts, tyres and stereo. Or perhaps the combination of economy, enviro friendliness and space for a new set of little feet will determine what you actually find yourself sitting in. But what of the finance package you choose?

Considering that the purchase of a new or used vehicle is frequently the second largest financial commitment most of us will make - several times over - it's amazing that many people don't even think about the means by which they finance that purchase. If you think about it, it's the finance that actually determines the 'what and how' of your purchase so why not spend sometime learning and researching so you understand the dynamics of exactly what you're signing up for?

At Stratton we believe that good design exists in many forms. So considering that the financial aspect of purchasing a vehicle impacts on your income and consequently on your lifestyle then well-designed financial services and finance products will certainly make a positive difference.

In subsequent editions of Finance Focus we will explore and develop your potential vehicle finance options and the means to create well-designed finance structures. During this process we hope to reveal the functional and innovative finance products and services available to you that will enable your driving dreams to become a reality.

On another note...

Stratton Finance in conjunction with Greenfleet is now promoting through the Stratton Website to potential and current clients the opportunity to sign up to Greenfleet. Greenfleet is a non-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the impact of our cars on the environment.

For a tax-deductible payment of $40, Greenfleet will plant 17 native trees on your behalf. As they grow, these trees will absorb the greenhouse gas emissions that the average car produces in one year (based on 4.3 tonnes of CO2).

To signup to the program (and for further information) please visit the Stratton Finance website and click on the Greenfleet button. From here simply follow the prompts and register your details.

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