Edition 2, 2004 - Tax Information

stratton - 'FOCUS' Newsletter - Edition 2, 2004

Newsletter #2 2004

Tax time is coming:

June 30 will be here before we know it.  Now may be a good time to look at funding new assets and tax planning.



Did you know you can still make pre-payments (up-front rentals) on motor vehicles.  If a  vehicle is under the luxury limit of $57,009.00 you can apply for an up-front rental of up to 15% of the asset value in a lease structure.


By funding this way you can increase your tax deduction on a vehicle in this tax year.  You can also pay the same amount next finacial year with no penalty.



Interest rates are still at a 30 year low!

To apply on line click here:

Look out for our Minis, our fleet has grown to 5


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