Car Finance & Car Loan Interest Rates

Interest Rates

One of the most common questions visitors to our website ask is "what is your interest rate?".

Our interest rates for car finance & car loans generally start a percentage point or two above the current Reserve Bank cash loan rate, however each finance company sets their own interest rates individually and they can change constantly (sometimes day-to-day). Additionally, the best interest rate achievable for each particular loan is dependent on a large variety of factors, including the lender, amount borrowed, the vehicle being purchased, the financial situation of the borrower, the type of finance and more - something most companies don't tell you when they advertise a very attractive "starting from" interest rate!

For all of these reasons it is impossible for us to publish one interest rate on our website that is applicable to all customers - as a car finance broker we deal with over ten different finance company whose rates are constantly changing, and there are too many factors that are specific to the customer and their car.

What interest rate can stratton offer you?

That being said, using our easy online tools we can provide you with a finance quote online in less than 60 seconds - taking into account all of the factors listed above. Complete an online car finance quote and receive a realistic finance quote in less than 60 seconds - or, submit an car finance enquiry and one of our finance consultants will contact you promptly to provide a personal interest rate quote.

Remember that the interest rate is not everything

While the interest is undoubtedly an important part of any car loan or car finance package, it's important to remember that interest rate is not everything. Many companies who advertise a low interest rate end up charging you a much higher rate, or slug you with high upfront fees, ongoing fees and payout penalties.

You should also ensure that your finance package takes into account the level of flexibility you require, your approval prospects, what it will cost you to pay out early, and more. And you want to make sure you receive a fast approval and a high level of service from a reputable company, to save you time and deliver you peace of mind.

stratton delivers on all these factors, and help you compare your options to find the car finance package that suits you best at the overall lowest cost.