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Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) Calculator

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Use this tool to calculate repayments on car finance.

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CommercialHire Purchase Calculator (Repayments Calculator)

"Residual Value"

A lump sum owed to the financier at the end of a loan's term, expressed either as a dollar value or a percentage of the amount borrowed. If you are unsure whether you require a residual, leave this value as 0%.


Other options:

What does this Commercial Hire Purchase Calculator do?

Use this Commercial Hire Purchase Calculator to calculate monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayments on Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) agreement for a car or other passsenger vehicle.

You can structure your Commercial Hire Purchase calculation with an amount borrowed (financed), interest rate, loan term (length) in years or month and residual value (balloon value).

Disclaimer: While we make every attempt to give you the best possible tools and information, Stratton Finance Pty Ltd, its agents, employees and accredited lenders will accept no responsibility for any loss that may arise.

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