Never Stop At A Red Again

Wed 26 Oct
Green Traffic Lights

Jaguar LandRover are putting an end to red lights, with new technology being tested that will offer drivers an all-green run in to work on the roads.

The automotive giant has joined forces with rival, Ford, and UK design and engineering firm, Tata Motors, to work on a wifi-sensor that allows cars to 'talk' with traffic lights.

This technology allows the lights to communicate with cars via a dashboard screen that tells the driver the optimum speed to travel at to avoid having to come to a complete stop at a red light.

Cars can then speed up (to the speed limit) to make a green light, or travel slower toward a red light so that it turns green as they arrive.

The brands hope that this technology will help ease the pain of driver congestion, as well as reduce emissions produced by cars stopping and starting in traffic.

But don't expect a green-lit run on your commute anytime soon, Jaguar LandRover have created over 100 vehciles to test this (and other hands-free driving technologies) over the next four years.

The auto brands are also collaborating on technology to warn the driver if the car in front of them is braking suddenly, or if there is a hazard on the road - up to 500m away.

This will allow the car to brake independently to avoid a front-to-rear crash - even if the car in front is around a bend and out of the driver's sight.

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