Hail A Driverless Ride

Wed 21 Sep
Uber Logo Phone

The end of the Uber driver is in sight after the company tested its driverless cars last week.

The first trips were offered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as the company looked to test their vehicle on public roads.

After hiring an Uber, customers were greeted by a Ford Fusion sporting cameras and lasers on the roof, with 'drivers' from Uber reading trip data off a laptop, ready to take the wheel in case of an emergency.

Uber has taken a different approach when testing their driverless cars, inviting their customers along for the ride and asking for their feedback.

Whilst the smoothness of braking and right-hand turns needed improving, all customers reported no real issues with the drive.

Uber have not yet set an exact date for when their driverless cars will be available across the globe.

Megabrands like Apple, Google and Tesla are all vying to be the first company to launch a commercially available driverless car.

The bar has been set with a deadline of sometime within the next three years.

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