BMW Release New 5-Series Tech Teaser

Wed 31 Aug

BMW have released a teaser of their new 5-series model showcasing a new piece of its technology on Twitter.

The 30-second video shows off a 360-degree camera app that gives an aerial image of your car on your mobile phone.

The feature looks similar to that of their current 'Surround View' system, which helps a driver park by giving a 360-degree view of their car and its surroundings on the in-car touchscreen.

The catch? Right now we have no idea what this feature does.

If BMW takes a leaf out of Tesla's book this feature may be similar to Tesla's 'Summon'. A feature which allows the driver to park the car, and reverse it out again, from outside the car - making it perfect for parking in those extra-tight spots.


The feature may be used primarily for security. Allowing the driver to check on their car whenever they please. Whether it allows the owner to see a live-feed of their car if their alarm goes off, or see who may be loitering nearby at any given moment is anyone's guess.

Will this app put BMW up there with Tesla in the automotive technology stakes?

All we need now is some more information!

Check out the video:

The new BMW 5-Series is set to be debuted at the Paris Motor Show, click here to see what else is set to be unveiled at the show.

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