Amazon Launches New Player In The Automotive World

Wed 14 Sep
Amazon Vehicle Logo

Online giant, Amazon, has put yet another feather in their cap by launching Amazon Vehicle.

The new web portal will allow prospective car buyers to search, design, post reviews and ask questions on over 26,000 vehicles.

The site is designed like the world's biggest car showroom, with users able to find information on vehicles including its strengths, changes from previous models, as well as all the stats, photos and videos you would expect from any other car website.

Amazon even offers the option for users to design their own model, with different trims, styles and colours all available for modification so you can see an ordinary car transform to the car of your dreams right before your eyes.

Amazon Vehicle is an extension of Amazon Automotive, which allows buyers to buy car parts on the web store.

Whilst the online giant isn't offering the sale of cars at the time of its launch, with competitors eBay and Craigslist offering both the sales of car parts as well as the sale of vehicles, perhaps Amazon will jump on board in the near future to take them on.

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