The Summer Playthings of the Rich and Famous

Fri 04 Dec

To cool down this summer you need to fire up your engine. We've compiled the top five summer playthings that celebs around the globe have us drooling over. Talk about Summer Lovin'.

Rapper P.Diddy's $65m Yacht, 'Maraya'


We all know rappers hate talking about their money. But we found an exception.

P.Diddy (aka Sean Combs) cemented his reputation as an understated, quiet achiever by splashing cash and holidaying on his multi-million dollar yacht, Maraya.

At 54m long she is truly Queen of the ocean, with everything from a helipad to a treadmill (to keep that summer body in shape).

At a cool $65 million, this beast is a party-playhouse staple at the Cannes Film Festival.


Richard Branson's 'Necker Nymph' Aero-Submarine

Richard Branson's 'Necker Nymph' Aero-Submarine

Where do we start with the things that Richard Branson owns that we want?

Forget snorkels. Forget scuba gear. When you're Richard Branson, the only way to enjoy the underwater world is in this three-person 'aero-submarine'. He's conquered the skies, he's ventured into inner-space, and now the 'Necker Nymph' has made the world beneath the waves his playground too.

We can't decide if we love this guy or hate him (out of pure jealousy, of course).

Richard Branson's 'Necker Nymph' Aero-Submarine

Will Smith's $2.5m Double-storey Trailer

Will Smith's $2.5m Double-storey Trailer

Will Smith may have once been on 'The Pursuit of Happyness', but when you're aboard his 2.5 million-dollar, two-storey trailer, you won't have to look much further.

Twenty-wheels hold up a bus decked out with fourteen TV's and $30,000 worth of leather; you'd take whatever script your agent handed you to chill out here after a day of filming.

Once you've seen this bad boy, there's no way you'll forget it – look away while you can!

Will Smith's $2.5m Double-storey Trailer

Rock Star Eric Clapton's custom-made Ferrari SP12 EC

Rock Star Eric Clapton's custom-made Ferrari SP12 EC

Would you know the name of the Ferrari SP12 EC, if you saw it in heaven?

Although the Rock n Roll legend Eric Clapton could find $4.7m down the back of the couch, it's still something we can fawn over, right?

He's not just an owner - Ferrari built the SP12 EC for him as a one-off model.

Yep, the EC stands for Eric Clapton.

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