Ford Releases New Night Time Pedestrian Detection

Tue 21 Mar

As vehicle technology becomes more advanced, so too do the safety features available in the cars we drive.

Ford have taken the Pedestrian Detection safety feature, and have now advanced it's technology to ensure it's effectiveness at night.

Night time pedestrian dedection

The Pedestrian Detection System, which has been available in cars since 2014, uses radars and cameras located in the cars windshield and bumper-bar to deliver 30 snapshots every second which can detect 'human shapes' on the road.

This technology can differentiate between a human and other objects, such as trees and road signs, and can independently brake the car without any action required from the driver.

This safety feature has been advanced by Ford so that the camera and radar are now just as effective in low-light conditions, in which pedestrians are more at risk of being struck by vehicles.

This technology is set to be first released on the 2017 Ford Fiesta which was debuted last week at the Geneva Motor Show.

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