CARtoon cars: The best of

Mon 19 Jun

As Cars 3 hits cinemas later this month, we take a look at the best cars that have graced the small screen. Whether it's something from the Stone Age or something a little more magical, these are the most unforgettable cars that we still have dreams about owning.

The Flinstones Car

Who said cavemen were dumb? Featuring wooden panelling, a shade cloth roof, rock wheels, and a sub-vehicular sunroof which allows the driver to have full control over the speed of the vehicle at all times, this 8700BCE model is a feat of engineering brilliance.

The car also boasts enough room for the whole family, from the smallest child to the tallest dinosaur.

Flintstones CarSource: Warner Bros

Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine

Whether it's running from a ghost, a mummy, or a swamp monster, The Mystery Machine has certainly been put through the ringer since it first hit our screens in 1969.

The number one choice of transportation for Mystery Inc, this panel van has enough grunt to handle whatever this crime-fighting band of teenagers and their dog can throw at it.

The Mystery MachineSource: Warner Bros

The Jetsons Car/Spacecraft

The first family-spacecraft on the market has everything we envision for the future of cars. With five seats and a bubble glass roof, this family car has everything you need to jet around in the year 2062.

Features also include hats for every member of the family that transform into individual pods to make school drop-off (literally) a breeze.

The Jetsons CarSource: Warner Bros

The Magic School Bus

This school-issued vehicle has everything you'd want for your kids as you send them off to school; bench-seating, a teacher as the driver, a turtle as the bus monitor and the ability to teach the children scientific facts as it transforms into a surfboard, a spaceship or shrinks small enough to enter a human body. Free travel to school and a chance to learn along the way – it's every parents dream.

The Magic SchoolbusSource: Scholastic

Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen, the world-famous stock-racing car from Radiator Springs, USA. Career achievements include 4 Piston Cups and 2nd place in the World Grand Prix.

McQueen's make is based on a Le Mans with features including a 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds, a V8 engine, 750 horsepower, a red paint job, blue eyes, and the voice of Owen Wilson.

Lightning McQueenSource: Pixar


The Homer

Designed by Nuclear Power Plant Safety Manager turned One-Time Car Designer, Homer Simpson, The Homer was a model released by Powell Motors in 1991 to appeal to an everyday American buyer.

An unmitigated disaster in sales and reception, the release of The Homer bankrupted the company and left the CEO Herb Powell homeless.

The Homer featured two bubble domes, shag carpeting, tailfins, and three horns that all play 'La Cucaracha' and is priced at $82,000 (with inflation, the car would be priced at $150,800 today).

Homer's CarSource: Fox Broadcasting Group

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